Are You Struggling in Wake Up Now??


Are You Struggling in Wake Up Now?


I know that when I started with Wake Up Now, I was so excited and intrigued by all of the valuable products and services.  From the crazy savings in the vacation club to grocery coupon, tax and finance management, foreign language apps, tons of freebies and much more…the products/services alone made it worth it to be a customer in any event.  But of course, since I saw the value of the products and services, I was most certain that everyone else would see the value as well and it would be pretty easy for me to market the marketing link provided to me in the back office, get leads, and convert sales.  Well…I was surprised to say the least.



Check Out This Video I Did On This Amazing Tool!



I have been involved in several business opportunities in the past, most of which have provided many marketing tools to make things much easier on the business owners.  What I found in Wake Up Now is that, while the products and services were great, the back office training and marketing tools were a little “lack luster”.  The marketing site that you are provided with is…ehhhhh….well it’s ok…but it doesn’t capture leads. It provides a video on the front end that the user can watch without giving you something in exchange (their email address).  And we all know that building your “list” is the key to any internet marketing.  They can put in their info to request more details from you or to get started, but if they choose not to, then you have lost that lead, any potential ability to follow up, and in the end, you’ve lost a sale.  So let’s just say that I spent a lot of time creating my own lead capture pages to link to existing WUN videos and I had to create my own follow up messages to go into my autoresponder…can we say time consuming.



Then I found out about My 600 Club and it completely changed the game for me. Since I was already a member of WUN, all I had to do was create an account and plug in my WUN user id and that was it.  Now I had access to all of the tools necessary to get my business off to the right start.  Features include: Many different capture pages and landing pages, banners that can be embedded into your existing blogs or websites (or if you’re creative — copied and pasted into classified ads, a facebook video timeline tool that is AMAZING, Facebook Apps, referral tracking, done-for-you autoresponder follow-up emails, training on this marketing system as well as traffic generation, and best of all, it’s another income stream for you.  What more could I ask for?  Now, business is jumping and I have My 600 Club to thank for it.  With My 600 Club and Wake Up Now, you will be off to become Director 3 and operating a free business in no time.  If you are an existing member of Wake Up Now and are struggling to make sales with the tools that you were given, I strongly suggest you check out My 600 Club. Click Here for more info.