Auto-responders. I thought they were for spammers!

Isn’t it only spammers that use auto-responders?  No.  Sadly, they are the most efficient users.


Thankfully, there are companies providing automated response systems that have more integrity and strive to eliminate spammers from their client base.  For example, GVO will only allow you to migrate your lists from a couple of reliable systems such as Aweber and GetResponse.


All legitimate businesses should be using auto-responders.

eresponderMost of us that have worked in sales understand the importance of having a good “drip” system.  Some larger companies have created their own automated response systems and make that available as part of their back office.


I used to pay over $120 per month for my back office when I was in the financial services industry.  We had a system that I could add a prospect to, indicate their particular area of interest, and the system would send them a monthly email.  That is a type of auto-responder.  Alternatively, you could create groups in a mail program by creating a record for each prospect and hope to remember to send something out on the right day on the right topic.  I think I need to hire someone!


Legitimate business understands the importance of a good drip system to maintain contact with customers and prospects.  Newspapers, manufacturers and retailers make very effective use of auto-responders.  Have you ever gone to one of their pages and they invite you to sign up for their news letter?  That form you complete adds you to their automated response system.


Auto-responders allow you to automate the process.  Once you complete the form and agree to their terms, you will receive regular updates.  Then, you will receive the occasional special bulletin or offer.  They can do this because you agreed to become part of their list.  The company can now go into the back office for their automated response system and create targeted messaging that is sent through the auto-responder.


Auto-responders are too expensive!

Some can be very expensive.  Especially when you consider you also need domain hosting, video production capability and more, to maintain your web presence and Internet marketing program.  There is an answer that makes access to a great auto-responder accessible for any business.


GVO has bundles that include everything you need to market your business online.  Whether you are just getting started or you are a large company, there is a package that will fit your budget.

Actually, a good auto-responder is very affordable!


You need a good auto-responder!

Is your business legitimate?  Do you believe in the need to keep “filling the funnel” and have a great “drip system”?


Something like eResponder Pro will allow you to maintain constant contact with your prospects and clients without consuming a lot of your time and budget.


I know you take your business seriously.  That’s why you need a good automated response system and a complete suite of Internet marketing tools.  You owe it to yourself to take a look at Global Virtual Opportunities and the Pure Leverage System!


Make it a great day!




P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for waking up.  I’m thankful for the rain.  I’m thankful for opportunity.


What are you thankful for today?