Canva, so easy even I can use it!

Have you ever seen the header on a Facebook page and wished you could make one like that?  Canva levels the playing field.  It’s so easy even I can use it!

H/T to +RyanMHanley for making me aware of Canva.

What can you do with Canva?

This is designed for people who need to create something without spending hours learning how to use a program or knowing much about graphic design.  What you see is what you get.  There are some simple images included for free.  You can take advantage of some others they offer for a small fee.  I usually choose to use my own pictures.  Frankly, using your own photos helps to avoid copyright issues.

Here is an example of one I made for my Facebook page and another that I did just for fun.  Took about one minute for the Facebook and maybe three minutes for the other one!

All About Family Amiya


What happens with my projects?

Your projects are saved in your account.  You can download the finished project as a graphic file and/or choose to share a link to the finished graphic directly online.  The nice thing about sharing the link is that you actually help promote Canva to your friends.  They may actually thank you for that!

The two projects above were saved to my PC as png files that I uploaded to my blog site for publishing purposes.

Here is an example of a link to the second image above –

Basically, you control your stuff!  (Review the terms of use, there are some rights given to Canva.)

What does Canva cost?

3D-Women-Question-02That is up to you.  Initially, nothing.

There are some great graphics that you may want to take advantage of and they are very low cost per graphic.  Make sure to review the terms of use and ensure you understand them before uploading images for your designs.

Why would Canva do this for “nothing”?  You may choose to pay for the images offered through the premium library.  A dollar a picture doesn’t seem like much but when you think about it, they add up when you consider millions of potential users.  For a small business to spend five bucks and create a great graphic is a great deal for the business.  I would say that’s well worth the cost for both.

For those of us who can’t draw a straight line with a ruler, Canva is a great way to express your creativity.


Make it a great day!


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for computers.  I’m thankful for programmers.  I’m thankful for #SocialMedia .

What are you thankful for today?