Do you think your background has any effect on you?

What effect does your background have on you?

pics for grandma 015The effect of my personal background on me became evident when I recently attended a training session on presenting.  We were a very diverse ethnic and age group with very different histories.

During the session, we were practicing speaking.  Our instructor provided us with a copy of a speech delivered by Sir Winston Churchill during the Second World War.  I don’t remember the words right now but I remember the feeling.

Both of my grandfathers fought in that war and as a result, I grew up with a great awareness of Sir Winston Churchill and had heard recordings of his speeches.  I also feel very strongly about these men of valor and the cause they fought for.

When my turn came to speak, I felt the sense of pride flood into me as I delivered the words of Sir Winston Churchill. You could feel his spirit and you could see the room respond.

When younger people, particularly from other cultures, read the words, you couldn’t feel much passion and it was difficult to stay tuned in.  When the older people in the group read the words, you could tell they felt what they were saying and passed that onto you.  Where you come from, and I don’t necessarily mean geographically, makes all the difference in the effect you will have on others.