Dressing for success. How do you decide?

We have 7 seconds to make our first impression.  How we dress matters.  How do you decide?


Do you dress up?



There are two trains of thought on this one.


When you are dealing with executives, they are going to expect you to dress up.  For example, you are going to an interview for a position as a financial advisor.  In that role, you will be the expert approaching people to help with their personal finances.  Effectively, you are like a banker.  Didn’t that bring a picture to mind?  How does a banker dress?  Bankers dress in buisiness attire.  Suits and/or dresses.  For the interview, and most times on the job, you dress up.



Do you dress down?

Dressing down doesn’t mean dressing like a slob.  Wherever you go, you are representing yourself, your business and any organizations you belong to.


For example:

  • I belong to the Knights of Columbus Barrie Council 1626.  When I go to our monthly business meetings, my dress is clean, neat and at least business casual.  It is a business meeting.
  • When I was managing my daughter’s soccer team, I wore the coaches uniform.  A logo’d golf shirt with a team track suit.  Always well kept and clean, at least when we started the day!

Dress “down” when it’s appropriate.


Do you dress where you are coming from, or going to?

Both.  You need to find the balance.


Business people approaching potential clients will be expected to dress for where they come from, not where they are going.  There will be exceptions.


When meeting with clients at their location, take into account the environment.  For example, you are meeting with a farmer during their working day, it may be prudent to wear jeans and running shoes or mud boots.  You can still wear something like a nice golf shirt with jeans and still maintain a casual business look.


Are you a volunteer?  Remember, you still represent your group.  Regardless of your position or where you are going, you should always be presentable.  Clean, neat and not wearing worn out clothing.  Even the intentional type like some jeans I see with holes in them.  (I still don’t understand that!)




You make your impression in the first seven seconds and may never get a second chance.  Your success depends on how and what you decide.




Dress for success!



Make it a great day,



P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for fashion.  I’m thankful for variety.  I’m thankful for open minds.


What are you thankful for today?