Graphics tools to spice up your pages!

Finding tools to create interesting graphics for your pages, whether documents, slides or web, can be expensive and hard to find. Here is a list of a few of my favourites.

Pic Monkey

This program is an online tool that doesn’t require any registration to use. Although the free function is limited, it is more than enough for most things you will do.

You can add your own picture and then play around with some of the effects.

  • Text, banners
  • Frames
  • Roud the corners
  • Change hues and colours

Save as the graphic file you require. This will save to PNG giving you a lot of flexibility.

Here is a sample of a header I created for my blog site:

cropped-Thinking-Out-LoudThis picture was created by taking a picture that I had from 1978. An over exposed shot. Modified slightly using Pic Monkey and then adding text and a frame.

CLICK HERE for a great tutorial!

Power Point

Sample PPDid you know that Microsoft Power Point has the built in ability to save as a graphics file? If you can build a deck, you can make a graphic!

  • Insert text box
  • Insert picture from file
  • Rotate and flip text and images

The only limit is your imagination!

“Save as” whatever type of graphic file you need. Power Point will save in a few different files including PNG.

Clipping Magic

Boomer re-engagingbc_head_clippedOK, this one is kind of fun!

Have you ever wanted to just capture yourself or even just a part of you from a picture and use it somewhere else?


With Clipping Magic, you just drop your image onto the page and start clipping!


Take clipped image and add it to another picture.  That’s really spooky when you add a deceased relative to a current picture!


Well, I’m guessing that will keep you busy for a while. Next time you are working on a document or presentation of some type, I hope this helps you express yourself more creatively.


Make it a great day!




P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for free stuff! I’m thankful for every new day. I’m thankful for creativity.


What are you thankful for today?