Mind tricks. You really can wish things to happen!

What kind of mind tricks do you play?

Mind tricks. Be careful what you think about!

The great Earl Nightingale once said “you become what you think about most often“.

In his recording, The World’s Strangest Secret, Nightingale spends some time on just how fertile our minds are and that whatever we plant will grow well.  Whether we plant food or poison!

Man-CryingHave you ever noticed that when you are worried about anything that you actually start to feel sick?  If it’s for an extended period of time, physical ailments start to manifest themselves.  This is when it’s time to use a mind trick or two.

When you see the poison starting to grow, rip it out and replace it with something good!  For example, you may have been laid off or let go from a position.  Chances are, it hasn’t been good for a while and was already becoming poisonous.  Lack of sleep etc.

What if instead of focusing on the loss, you focused on the new opportunities.  This could be the chance of a lifetime to strike out in a totally new direction.  Now the uneasiness becomes excitement and those little mind tricks lead to you becoming more energized!

Plant the right seeds and feed them.

In order for your mind tricks to work, make sure you are planting the right seeds.

man-cheerful-02Now that you have planted them, be careful what you feed them.  When it comes to your mind, the food comes from your associations.  You may have to cut certain people out of your circle of influence for a while.  If you don’t, the seeds from those weeds and poison will take hold in the fertile fields of your mind and the old mind tricks will take over again.

Remember to be vigilant with your weed and feed program.  Remove the toxic people from your life or, at least minimize your exposure.

Let the mind tricks begin!


Make it a great day,


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful I’m here to see it.  I’m thankful I can choose how to approach my day.  I’m thankful for the positive people in my life.

What are you thankful for today?