Printers. I thought I changed my default!

How come my email still prints to the wrong printer?  I was sure I changed my default setting!

internet2Multiple Work Sites

Many of us work in more than one location.  We arrive and are in a hurry to prepare for a meeting.

Outlook is open, Word and probably PowerPoint.  All of a sudden we realize that our print job just went to another city.  “Darn, I did it again.  Now I have to call and get someone to shred that document.”

If we are lucky, we realize just before we print that we are in another location and change the default printer.  It still went to another city.

What the heck happened?!


Print_devicesChanging Printers

When you open programs in Windows, you are actually creating a map to the printer.  This is stored in the computer memory so that when you print, the program knows where to send the job.

Think about when you draw a map for a friend to get somewhere.  You realize that you have given the wrong directions.  In order to avoid confusion, you make sure to destroy the old map so your friend will get to the right place.  It’s the same for Windows and printers.

To destroy the old map in Windows, you need to close the programs and then open them again.  Closing the program wipes the memory and opening the program again makes the new map to the printer.


Best Practice

Change your default print setting before you start any work.  If you are already working when you realize the default printer is wrong, save your files and close all programs.  Change the default print setting and then re-open your work.  I know it’s annoying but this will help minimize the risk of printing sensitive documents to an uncontrolled area.


Make it a great day!


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for my experience in information technology.  I’m thankful for printers that work.  I’m thankful for a new year.

What are you thankful for today?

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