Stop selling! Help me buy from you.

I came across an article about Victoria’s Secret that really demonstrates why it’s so important to create that “know, like and trust”.

Why should I deal with you?

I have never met you before.  It’s likely your product or service can be sourced just about anywhere in the world.  Why should I deal with you?

Personally, I look to my network for referrals.  Are you part of my network?  How did we connect?

I need to know more about you before we can do business.

How do I get to know you?

This comes back to having a good social media strategy.  Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter, etc.  Part of that is finding a way to get yourself out there.  It’s not much different than going to networking events in your local community.  Meet other like minded business people to share ideas and resources.

Meet new people.  Share thoughts and ideas.  Offer possible solutions to problems.  By doing this, you connect and become attractive rather than offensive.  By offensive, I mean you are on the offense, trying to push your ideas, products and services.

In today’s world, we can’t always get everyone into a physical room but we can bring them to your desktop in a virtual room.  Using your social media marketing strategy, you can reach out to your target audience to share your message.  Using webinars, you can let people see and hear you.  This will give them a chance to learn to know, like and trust you.  Imagine being able to take your laptop and give a virtual tour to a group on the other side of the world so that they can have confidence that your are a real person and your business actually exists!

Have a strategy and the right tools.

There are a number of tools you will need.  The cost could easily run in the hundreds of dollars.  (I’ll show you shortly how you can reduce the cost!)

  • Blog and Social Media with capture pages.
  • Auto responders like Aweber.
  • Video Email like Talk Fusion.
  • Live online meeting room like Webex.
  • Online training and support.

Then you need to develop a strategy to make use of all the tools.  This can seem to be very daunting.

The nice thing is that Joel Therien has brought all of this into one package that will provide the training you need and the tools to get the job done.  Don’t get me wrong, you still have work to do and it takes time.  The question is:  Are you willing to do the work?

There is no magic bullet to make success to happen for you.  Just like any other career change, there may be some training required.

Get out there and learn how to sell to the Millennials.  They are waiting for you to help them buy from you!

Make it a great day,


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?   I’m thankful for Pure Leverage’s complete suite of internet marketing tools and training.  I’m thankful for my network of friends, family and associates.  I’m thankful you took the time to read this blog!

What are you thankful for today?

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