Blog site: Why everyone should have their own.

You should have your own blog site and it should be self hosted. Blogging is a great way to sort your thoughts and mobilize knowledge. Self hosting maintains control of your digital assets.

Blog Site

logo for barryclermont.comYour blog site should reflect your personality. No, it’s not a place to vent and barf your garbage all over everyone. Yes, there are those who do that.This should be where you let people get to know you in a positive way. It’s no different than meeting people in person. If you always wear a frown and complain, why would I come back?

Self hosted blog sites allow you to maintain control over your content. Only you can take down content if you decide it was not your intended message. Yes, you are liable for what you say and there are times when you may want to make changes, but you won’t have your “free blog site” provider deciding for you. Is anything ever really free? You just gave them your content and agreed to allow them to use you for advertising purposes. That could actually be a great cost.

Thinking Out Loud

Question?My blog sites are where I do my best thinking out loud. Most blogs are triggered by something I read, saw or heard. The best content often comes from learning experiences like webinars or live seminars. For example, Smart Marketing Coaching, available through Pure Leverage, does regular webinars on business building. One of them triggered my blog on creating graphics for your blog or social media posts.

The process of creating a blog, for me, drives the information in deeper. It’s kind of like the old “Read, Write, Repeat”. The research part usually involves reading to find support for what you want to say. Writing the blog helps to clarify your thoughts and involves you repeating what you learned.

By leaving the comments option live, you give others the opportunity to challenge your ideas and gives you the chance to learn even more. Always have sharing buttons so that your knowledge can be mobilized. Your network will grow exponentially over time creating wonderful new friends along the way.

Digital Assets

Your blogs, pictures and videos are all digital assets. They have value to you and we believe they have value to others. 

For example, I created this video to use on my sites. Because it is a testimonial that promotes a product, some sites may not allow you to include it in your blog. Also, check the terms for those sites and you may be giving them permission to re-use your content. That can’t happen when you have a self hosted blog and own the domain.

Video producer

(Learn more about a #LegalSavingsPlan at

If you don’t own and control your domain, someone else does. Do you want them to take advantage of your assets?

Put yourself out there. Your blog may very well lead to your next job or business opportunity.

Make it a great day,


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for Smart Marketing Coaching. I’m thankful you took the time to read this. I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow.

What are you thankful for today?

Video and Email – Join the big leagues!

Video email isn’t just for big companies.  There is no reason you can’t join the big leagues!


Why Video Email?

Communicating a message in the body of an email can be challenging at best.  Too many words and they just hit delete.  Not enough words and they don’t understand our message.   Besides, a text email is so impersonal.  How do you get people to hear your message?


Talk to them!  Let them look you in the eye!


The Pure Leverage Suite of Tools takes your communication to the next level.  You can create an email that links directly to your message.  With the click of a few buttons and a couple of minutes with your webcam, you can speak directly with your customer or prospect.


What could you use video for?

        • Constant contact with your clients.
        • Letting your prospects see who they are dealing with.
        • Client and prospect tutorials.

 Whether you want to demonstrate a product or teach your clients how to use it, video can save a lot of time and money for all involved.  Using the Pure Leverage suite, you can send video email directly to your clients.  With GVO’s video producer, you can record or upload video to your hosting account and use embed codes on your site to have the video directly in your blog.  For example, in the video below I talk about how my wife’s business to help people understand how the service works.


(The video says it rolls to another site because it was recorded for a different blog.  This is for demonstration and doesn’t roll over.  Click below the picture if you are interested in where it was going.)


animated arrow right

Click here to learn more about her legal services plans.  


Look me in the eye!

Statistically, the majority of people respond to images.  Including video allows people to get a sense of who you are.  


We all make a decision in the first few seconds whether or not we want to waste our time with someone. Making effective use of video allows you to get their attention.  From there, it’s up to you to get the message across.  By including video and text, you are appealing to more than one the senses and are more likely to get your message across.  You might even want to incorporate video conferencing into your communications strategy.    



Even the newspapers are embedding video in their online articles these days.  Their pages look suspiciously like WordPress, the engine used to produce the Pure Leverage sites and my blog site!


Make it a great day,




P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for the Internet.  I’m thankful for social media.  I’m thankful for affordable tools!


What are you thankful for today?

Why do I need a blog?

Your blog is good for the soul and maybe the pocket book!

Why blog?

  • Organizes your thoughts.
  • Provides clarity.
  • Opens dialogue.
  • Attracts people to your business or organization.

Organize your thoughts

I call this blog site “Thinking Out Loud”.  This is where I share thoughts, ideas and concepts.  For selfish purposes, this allows me to ruminate about a subject and as the blog develops, my thoughts start to become clear and take a form that I hope will start a conversation.  When I blog, I often learn from or about myself in the process and take that into my day.

Be careful when choosing a topic.  In the famous words of Earl Nightingale, “We become what we think about most often”.

Make your blogs positive in nature and your day will follow.  Blog about negativity and your day will likely be just that, negative.

Who do you want following you?  Positive or negative people?

Strangest Secret In The World – Earl Nightingale from Paulie Ciara on Vimeo.

Over a half-century ago, Earl Nightingale complied an audio series, “The Strangest Secret In The World.”

50 years later, this remains one of the most powerful and influential messages ever recorded, and continues to transform the lives of everyone who hears and heeds it.


provides clarity

By the time I reach the end of my blog, the particular topic has become much less confusing to myself.  It’s kind of like talking to a therapist.  Have you ever noticed a therapist doesn’t actually say much but you seem to have talked yourself through an issue and things are so much better when you are done?  In the process, you just may help someone else find clarity for themselves.

opens dialogue

conferencingPosting a blog invites people to either share their thoughts with you or they will take that information and start a dialogue with someone they know.  Whether people agree with your thoughts or not really doesn’t matter.  Use your blog to start the conversation and see where it ends up.  Share your thoughts.  Open your mind to learning from the response.


Attracts people to your business or organization

banner_155Think about your own social media habits.  Who do you follow and why?

My guess is that you saw an interesting picture or read someone’s words that resonated with you.  I’ll bet you periodically check for new posts.

When you visit one of those sites, there is a good chance that there are items on the side columns that are connected to their business.  One of these days, there is a likelihood that you will click one of those just to see what it is that they do.  This is known as attraction marketing.

Whatever you do, don’t click on the monkey!

For some, blogging is a way to organize thoughts and clear the mind.  For others, it’s to start a conversation.  Businesses need to create content to attract potential clients.

With the world economy today, your client could be half way across the world and you can’t just knock on the door.  There are so many rules around phoning and door knocking these days, you have to be creative in getting attention.  Push marketing is dead.

Become the person you want to attract and let people get to know you through your blog.  You may be reaching out to people with similar interests in order to meet like minded friends.  You may be reaching out to attract new volunteers to your organization.  Your blog is a great way for people to get to know, like and trust you.

Make it a great day!


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful I have a winter coat!  I’m thankful for open minded people.  I’m thankful for new opportunities to learn.

What are you thankful for today?


Would you like your own blog?


Job Search has really changed over the years.


When I was first entering the workforce, job search was very different than it is today.  In the 1970’s pretty much all you had to do was knock on an employer’s door and introduce yourself.  You still needed a decent resume but for the most part, if you were able bodied, there was work to be had.  It was an employee’s market.  Wages were decent, good benefits, etc. simply because there was a greater supply of jobs than there were people to fill them.


Then, the 1980’s came.  Job search became more work.  The supply of jobs started to shrink and employers could be a little more selective in their hiring practice.  The employee now had to learn to market their skills more effectively.  You could no longer just show up, you had to convince the employer why you were better than the next person.  Networking and effective resume writing became critical to your success.



The new millenium has brought a much faster paced society and the job search landscape has morphed into something none of us ever expected.  Employers now have access to worldwide resources to find the ideal candidate for their particular opportunity.  No longer is it a job search, it’s more like dating.  Both the employer and the employee do their best to make themselves attractive to the other.  Because it’s a world economy these days, you can’t expect to just walk up and knock on the door.  It’s all attraction marketing today.


Heather Struck did a great piece called “Job Search 2.0 How to tweet, blog and network your way to a new job”.  In her article, she emphasizes the importance of branding yourself.  Businesses have been aware of the importance of branding for many years and they achieved that through things like advertising and involvement in public services like raising funds for charities.  Who would have ever thought we would need to learn marketing skills at such a level to sell ourselves to prospective employers?


In today’s world, we need to be very aware of our public persona.  When employers are considering hiring someone, it’s not uncommon for them to search you out on Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook or Google.  How aware are you of your “attractiveness” on the Internet?  What message are you sending and how are you sending it?



People ask “Why would I need my own website or blog?”.  You may not be selling a product or service for someone else, but most of us change jobs after a few years and when that happens, we have to sell ourselves all over again.  By having your own domain and maintaining a blog, you become much easier to find and have more control over what is happening with your content.  Once something is “out there”, there isn’t anything you can do to make it disappear but by having your own domain, you can at least make sure you show up earlier in the search.


Get out there and develop your brand.  Let people know who you are but be aware of just how much you tell them.  Job search is like a giant dating game and you need to make yourself more attractive than the next person.  Even dating today has become more likely to begin on line.  Plenty of Fish and are just two that come immediately to mind.  You need to decide if and how you will be found and what impression you want to give.


Once you have your prospect`s attention, you need to take some time to build a relationship.  That’s where a personal blog, Twitter, Facebook and the others come in.  Know how you want to be seen and make sure that you are sending the right signals to attract the attention you want.  This doesn’t eliminate the need for a job search.  The employer is doing the same as you in sending signals to attract the people they are looking for.  It’s like a worldwide dance.  Who’s the best partner for you?


Good luck with your job search.  Now, get out there and strut your stuff!


Job search by Barry Clermont

Thinking out loud.


Make it a great day!




P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for the amazing tools we have available today.  I’m thankful for the new people I meet.  I’m thankful for the birds chirping as the sun rises.


What are you thankful for today?


Share your thoughts. It’s not just about you!

When you share your thoughts, it’s not just about you.  This is an opportunity for you to help someone else that you might not even know!

You can share your thoughts in many ways.

For some people, it’s easier to share your thoughts in written word.  For others, they need face to face conversation and yet others prefer a disembodied voice over the phone or Internet.  There is no right way.  Share your thoughts in the way that works best for you.

Personally, this is my venue.  By using my blog, it gives me a little time to form my thoughts and put them down in a logical format.  This also allows me to go back and edit easily when I think something may be interpreted differently than I intended or simply correct spelling and grammatical mistakes.  Find the way that works best for you.  If you like the idea of your own blog, it’s easy enough to get your own domain and get started.

What does sharing your thoughts achieve?

When you share your thoughts, you may be helping someone else work through an issue you weren’t even aware they were experiencing.  Some are too afraid to let others know what they are going through and believe that they are alone in their experience.  “There must be something wrong with me” because I have never heard of someone else experiencing this.  When you share your thoughts, you are giving others permission to share theirs with you.  You may save a life because you shared!

There is another benefit.  When you share your thoughts, it’s likely you sort through a lot of information before you try to phrase your statement so that the other person will understand.  In that process, you will likely clear the garbage clouding your own thoughts and find a “eureka” moment in the process.  You develop clarity and understanding as you share your thoughts with someone else.

Risk versus reward when you share your thoughts.

There are risks in sharing your thoughts.  Typically, they involve more than just you and when you “speak” publicly in a space like this blog, you need to be careful with your words to minimize offending someone.  People reading your blog are likely to assume it’s about them when you may not even have known they had whatever issue you were discussing.  This can lead to a little tension, maybe even a lot!

The rewards of sharing your thoughts are both for you and for the people who are exposed to your thoughts.  When you share your thoughts, you find clarity and that leads to being able to find resolutions to your personal challenges.  When your thoughts create a tension for someone else, that may actually allow them to find clarity and could lead to a resolution for them.  A secondary reward is that people get to know more about you and how you think.  This leads to much better communication which, in turn, leads to less tension.

Share your thoughts and teach others to share theirs!

Make it a great day,


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for the opportunity to share my thoughts.  I’m thankful for the benefit of the thoughts shared by others.  I’m thankful for the God given gift of independent thought.

What are you thankful for today?