Business Building: Three will make you free, six will make you rich!

Business building can seem daunting some days but the answer is actually simple. Finding three leaders will free you, six will make you rich.

Business Building

Whether you are building a sales organization in the insurance industry or in a direct selling or MLM, the concept is much the same. You need to decide whether you will focus on just selling product or, do you find like minded people to work with you to find customers for your product or service? Don’t get me wrong, no business will survive without a solid product or service that meets the needs of enough people to be profitable. In the end, you need sellers in your organization as well.

Some are sales superstars and just enjoy being on the go all the time. Many are more excited by the hunt than the sale itself. Others are more like coaches and enjoy helping others achieve success.

While you are selling, look for the coaches and bring them into your business. Choose carefully.

Picture of man running with a burning computer.

Three Will Make You Free

This applies to those who prefer to build a sales team. Find three people who can do what you do and then teach them to duplicate what you have done.

It’s all about distribution. Think about the retail market. Where is the real money? Yes, the manufacturer or service provider makes a good profit but it’s the middle man or distributor that has the leverage to make the most.

Six Will Make You Rich


Man with profit bar chartMake a little off the efforts of many. This is how most chain stores make their money. They have multiple distribution centres that all contribute a little bit adding up to big dollars. Imagine if Walmart or Loblaw only had one store. You need to be like the large chain stores and have more distribution points. Leverage the efforts of others.

Three distribution points (people) will free you from a job, six will make you rich.

Coaching pays better than just selling because it leaves you more time for yourself.

What will you chose?


Make it a great day!


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for great coaches. I’m thankful for great products and services. I’m thankful for like minded people.

What are you thankful for today?


Got Backup

Backup solutions can be expensive. Not having one can be even more expensive! Got Backup is the big business solution for the SMB market.

Backup Options

You can use various solutions like:

  • data cartridges that require remembering to insert them at the right time and rotate them properly. Expensive and a lot of work.
  • external hard drives that you have to remember to plug in and then what happens if someone breaks in and steals your computer equipment? What if there’s a fire?
  • secure online backup that you can reach any time from any where. Got Backup?

Picture of man running with burning computer

What is Got Backup?

Got Backup is an online solution that is automated any time you connect to the Internet. Mac or PC! Depending on the package you choose, you can back up your:

  • Desktop
  • Laptop
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet

Up to five devices. You can reach the files from any computer or device with an Internet connection any time of day. Your files are encrypted at the same level as your bank.

Click the picture above and register to be notified when Got Backup launches. Once you register, you will be taken to a page that provides more information about the different options.

Make it a great day,


P.S.  What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for GVO. I’m thankful my files are always backed up. I’m thankful I will never lose my pictures!

What are you thankful for today?


I knew it! MLM’s and Direct Marketing Companies ARE Cults!

Cult is the root of the word culture.  Multi-level marketing and direct marketing companies all have their own culture and family dynamics.  Yes, I said family.  Therefore, they are cult(ure)s.



Picture of my wife holding my newborn son.Here’s the thing, you were born into one.  Whether your family adheres to certain religious values or just specific societal values, when you put these factors all together, it identifies your particular cult.

As we grow in life, we face choices in direction.  Part of that is deciding where we fit into society.  Some have to make very drastic decisions like minimizing exposure to family because that particular culture is deemed to be a negative influence.  We find others more like ourselves with similar beliefs and value system.  This includes where we live, work and play.

The world is made of a multitude of cults.  We all need to decide which ones we will be a part of.  Being part of a culture gives a sense of security that comes from being surrounded by like minded people that you know, like and trust.



Most of us will be approached many times throughout our lives to join different groups and each will have it’s unique culture.

  • Corporate America (Canada?)
  • Family (Your life partner and their family)
  • Faith (or non-faith)
  • Team (Sports or academic)
  • MLM (Multi-level or direct marketing company)

Picture of cartoon people joining handsThey’re all cults, just different environments in various parts of our lives.  It’s importance to choose carefully as each has the potential to change you in ways you might never have imagined.

Corporate America may drain the life out of you with the demands on your time and lead to early death or make you resent getting out of bed in the morning.  Your life partner influences how you see the world and how you go about giving back to society.  Faith can lead to enriching the lives of your family and those around you.  Being part of a team may teach you how to compromise and MLM’s may lead to such personal growth that it changes you and everyone around you.

Choose carefully!



Just like corporations and churches, MLM’s are cults.  Every business has it’s unique culture.  Each has it’s unique value proposition, social structure, educational system and economic model.  Find one that fits with who you are and who you want to become.  Participating in this business model will change you, it’s inevitable.  

By Nicole Shapiro

By Nicole Shapiro

As in every area of your life, there will be individuals who will try to hold you back but unlike many other businesses, there will be more people who will help you to learn and grow.  

Find the group and opportunity who reflect who you want to become and join in that culture.  You may need to try a few different ones before you find the one that fits the best.  Much like dating until you meet that special person that makes you whole.

Some will try to tell you that you can’t be part of their group unless you commit to only working with them and no one else.

 Run as fast as you can!  They will try to dominate and control you rather than supporting your growth.  You likely won’t be able to mix the groups together because of competing values but you can participate in each on their own because you have found where they fit in your culture.

It’s up to you to define who you are and want to become.  When and if you decide to join one group exclusively, let it be your choice.  Not theirs.


Make it a great day!


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for opportunity.  I’m thankful for friends.  I’m thankful for free speech.

What are you thankful for today?


Celebrity Culture, Is It Good For Business?

Celebrity:  A person who is famous – Merriam Webster


man-announce-01sNaturally, we want to attract as many people as possible to our business.  One of the easiest ways appears to be recruiting a celebrity to your cause.  People will flock to you because they want to be near a celebrity.  But, is it good for business?

Initially, yes, the numbers will jump.  People will be clamoring to get on board.  Then what?  Can they duplicate what you just did?  Probably not.  Then the business reaches a plateau and now, there is no one knocking on the door any more.  Those same people who followed the celebrity become disillusioned and leave.  The business stagnates and/or dies.


I saw a business that was largely dependent on the author of a book to draw people and keep them engaged.  He was very motivating and a great draw as a speaker.  Then he left.  A large number of people followed him and this created fear and confusion in the remainder of the group.  So much for the celebrity draw!

Near the same time, the company founder, who had become a bit of a celebrity himself, left because he was over 80 and it was his time for himself and family.  This effectively left the organization headless and confused.  I believe they came close to not being able to recover.

They were lucky that the company was bought by people who specialize in just this kind of situation and they are working to rebuild this great company.  But, what if they hadn’t? Continue reading

Faith in Business and the Business of Faith.

Do you believe there is room for faith in business or business in faith?

Business has no place in faith.


In order to share their message, churches have to provide a venue, advertise their existence and encourage people to join.  Explain to me how that is different than any business!  Church organizations need to treat their church as a business.

Faith based organizations are in the business of providing places to gather and share in the celebration of the various faiths.  Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, etc.  If they don’t treat their organization as a business, they will soon have to shut their doors.  So, absolutely, there is a place for business in faith. Continue reading