Stop Spamming Me About Canada’s Anti-Spam Law!

Spamming can take many forms.  In this case, my complaint is about companies scrambling to be compliant with the new Canadian Anti-Spam law coming into effect July 1, 2014.  I’m getting so many emails asking me to re-confirm that I want them to continue.  It’s really not necessary to do this in such a short period.  It’s flooding my email and annoying me.  I consider myself an average citizen.  Are you doing this to your clients?



On Tuesday, July 1, 2014.  Canada’s anti-spam law will be in effect for anyone communicating with anyone in Canada for commercial purposes.  Remember, some components have different dates.  You may want to use your #LegalServicePlan to get some clarification on your responsibilities.



Man-With-Question-06Pretty much everyone!  Especially if you are a small business.  There is even an article in the Boston Business Journal concerned about how much this could affect businesses there, never mind business in Canada.

This will apply to #MultiLevelMarketing or #MLM, #InternetMarketing and anyone using many forms of electronic communications.  For example:

  • eMail
  • Telephone
  • Text Messaging
  • Social Media

You are associated with MLM’s or operate a small business out of your home.  You reach out to people you managed to get contact information for.  Can you contact them?  Maybe.  Maybe not!  (Click the confused guy in the picture above to learn about a #LegalSavingsPlan you can use to have your questions answered.)



3D-Women-Search-03Legislation is supposed to be written in plain language, not “legalese”.  Sure it is!  It’s written in plain language. That has nothing to do with being able to understand intent or context.  I find sometimes, plain language leaves too much out and confuses me more.  I think some confuse simple English with plain language.  They don’t mean the same thing.

You can use some of the linked sites in this blog to find information that may help or you can spend time on the internet searching for clarification.  As I run into questions, I will use my Legal Savings Plan to have those questions answered.

I’m no lawyer and don’t pretend to be.  By the way, please understand that this blog is to create awareness in the hopes that you will take steps to protect yourself and your business.  Make sure you use your #LegalSavingsPlan to have your specific questions answered.  This blog is NOT to be considered advice.

If you don’t have a #LegalSavingsPlan, I hope that you consider the one that I market.  To learn more about our plan, complete the form following this blog and you will receive a series of emails explaining different aspects and options.



Don’t panic.  People already on your list don’t need to be “re-upped” right away. By flooding all of your clients with emails asking them to re-confirm, you may well be annoying them and causing them to “click here to unsuscribe” from your list.

You have an existing relationship.  Check the legislation or call your #LegalServicePlan provider for clarification and timing of any need to have your prospects and clients re-confirm their intent to remain on your list.

If you have been using the #AutoResponder included in the Pure Leverage Suite of Tools, they already did a double opt-in and you should be fine.  That gave you the permission you needed when they confirmed the welcome email.

(Don’t forget to fill out the form below my signature to receive information about a #LegalSavingsPlan)


Make it a great day!


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for my Pure Leverage Auto-Responder.  I’m thankful for my #LegalSavingsPlan.  I’m thankful if this blog helped one person.

What are you thankful for today?