Social Media Marketing is mainstream!

Not so long ago, Social Media Marketing was something “those” people did.  Mostly direct sellers and network marketers.  As usual, they were just ahead of the curve.

Social Media

Choices abound these days.  Facebook, Youtube and even LinkedIn have become major marketing spaces.  I know very few people these days that aren’t on Facebook at least once a day.  My adult kids call it “creeping”, going to visit the pages of friends for updates. I call it smart attraction marketing.  Between Facebook, Twitter and others, this is the main form of communication for Millennials.

Facebook Fan Pages

There was a time when you needed to have a web page.  I believe you still do but I have to say, you really need a Facebook Fan Page.  This helps you to keep your business a little separate from your personal stuff.  Share useful content with your audience to take advantage of what is called attraction marketing.  Give people reason to want to start a relationship with you.