People are fascinating. Do you understand them?

People, the greatest variable.

People come in many different shapes, sizes, colours and along with that, different personalities.  We are all shaped by our personal history.  For some, it’s their heritage that has a great effect.  For others, it’s the environment they grew up in.  Some will break centuries long beliefs and reshape their history by changing their present.  Others will hold old beliefs and continue following the same pattern. Continue reading

Volunteers. How come there are never enough?

Volunteers always seem to be the same people.  Eventually they will burn out, and then what?


Why volunteer?

Canadian Cancer SocietyMost who volunteer are driven by some experience that has affected them.

  • Family member with cancer.
  • Parents were active in the church.
  • Children are involved in a sport or activity.
  • Strong belief in being involved in the community. (Rare!)

These people volunteer for different reasons.  For some, it’s the personal satisfaction of knowing they had an effect on the outcome of something special.  In some cases, it’s a matter of ensuring the activity will go forward for the benefit of themselves or family.

Most social organizations don’t have the funds to pay for all the help they need.  Without volunteers, we would lose a lot of the arts, sports and religious organizations. Continue reading