There is no such thing as constructive criticism!

How does criticism make you feel?

Is Criticism Really Constructive?

criticismI was at the LegalShield Super Saturday event at Bayview Wildwood Resort for our annual Christmas party when a couple, who work the business together, got up to do a presentation on couples working together (almost tripped over that one!).  Bonnie and Darryl are amazing, we have known them for a few years now and I really respect their opinion.  They nailed this one.  Criticism is never constructive.


By definition, criticism is the act of judging or finding fault.  When you are being criticized, it never feels good.

There are other ways to be more constructive.  Take the time to identify issues together.  Then come up with a plan to address whatever challenges are identified.  No one needs to be criticized.  Most often, we know what went wrong and being reminded in a critical manner only leads to bad feelings and likely a closed mind.  This makes it difficult to work towards solutions.


Collaboration leads to solutions.

LegalShield Independent AssociatesCouples working together have a wonderful opportunity to grow together.  The danger is that we are also much more likely to become critical because we tend to take each other for granted.  We wouldn’t treat our worst employee with disrespect, don’t do it to each other.  Instead of being critical, celebrate your differences and recognize your strengths.  Then work together to figure how to apply those strengths to your business.


Collaboration, not criticism, is a far more constructive approach to problem solving and planning.  Yes, there are days when you won’t necessarily like your partner’s approach to something but do you really have to “win” control over every particular project?  Play to each other’s strengths and see what happens.


Working together.

In order to be successful working together, you need to clearly define rolls and responsibilities.  Michael E. Gerber does a great job of breaking this down in Emyth Revisited.  This book addresses the needs of business, not necessarily from the perspective of a couple working together, but the principles apply.

Once you define rolls, respect them!  You have to trust that your partner will do their best and that it’s likely both of you will make the occasional mistake.  When mistakes happen, instead of criticizing, consider asking what you can do to help.  Is there something you can do to lighten the load for your partner so they can focus on a particular challenge?  You partner likely doesn’t need you to judge or criticize, just help.  Let them tell you what they need, don’t you be the one to tell them.

Remember, it’s about sharing a journey.  It’s like a roller coaster ride.  There will be ups and downs with a few sharp turns.

Have you ever noticed that there are two types of screamers on roller coasters?  Those who scream in fear and those who scream in delight.  Which one are you?

Scary or fun.  That’s a decision only you can make.


Make it a great day!


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful God blessed us with snow the day of our Christmas party.  I’m thankful Jason was our DJ again!  I’m thankful for all my wonderful friends at LegalShield.

What are you thankful for today?

Identity Theft, You Don’t Think It Can Happen To You?

Identity theft can, and likely will, happen to you.  Just ask Brian Perrault of Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Click here to learn more)!


Bag of moneyMy Bank Will Cover Me!

When it comes to someone hacking into your account or fraudulently using your credit card, that would likely be true.  As far as the financial cost goes.  Someone managed to get into my PayPal account via email hacking.  They then took over $700 from my chequing account.  I went to the bank, spent about an hour changing the account number and they put the money back into my account.  But, that’s all they did.  There was no action on their part to see if it had gone past just my money.

The banks and credit card companies won’t fix the tax implications if someone uses my Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.) or, in the US, Social Security Number.  Imagine getting an income tax bill for thousands of dollars of unpaid taxes and, you know what “the Taxman” is like, he’ll get his pound of flesh first and then it’s up to you to prove it wasn’t you.  Good luck with that!


Identity Theft can happen to you

Brian Perrault lost his job and the ability to provide for his daughter young daughter because someone had assumed his identity.  Traffic violations and warrants for criminal activities.  He missed his grandmother’s funeral because he was pulled over because there were warrants for his arrest in two provinces in Canada.  I can only guess that he didn’t believe identity theft could happen to him.

Brian’s identity had been compromised by a man who lived just over an hour away.  It took 20 months after Brian Perrault’s arrest before they figured out that a man from Midland had compromised Brian’s identity.  Imagine the stress level he must have gone through and likely still does today. Continue reading

Will you or won’t you?

Your Will is your last love letter to your family.  Do you care about your family? Will you leave that last letter or won’t you?

Our own mortality is so difficult to face.  The reality is that we will all die some day.  What’s that old cliche?  The only sure things in life are death and taxes.

Alternatively, what if you live?  You could be dependent on the decisions of others if you haven’t left any official guidance.  That’s where your Power Of Attorney comes in.  This is the document that guides your delegate in making decisions for your finances and health when you are unable to speak for yourself.

Do you care enough to send that last love letter and leave some guidance?  Have your will and power of attorney written and then updated every year.  Will you or won’t you?  That is the question.

Your LegalShield service plan includes your basic Will and Powers of Attorney plus annual updates.

Make it a great day!

Barry Clermont, Independent Associate, LegalShield

P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for my LegalShield membership.  I’m thankful for the referral lawyer who came to my house for my dying son to sign his will and power of attorney.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to share this amazing plan.

What are you thankful for today?

Disclaimer:  This blog is my personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opions of LegalShield.  My wife is an independent sales associate and does not represent the company in any other way.

Legal advice for a medical situation. Who would have thought to call a lawyer?


Legal advice can be invaluable.  It’s too bad that most of us can’t afford to pick up the phone because the cost is just too much.  Thank God for our LegalShield membership!  There really is a better way to access legal advice and level the playing field.



What are some of the times you might call for legal advice if it just didn’t cost too much?

  • you get into a car accident at 2am
  • your cell phone provider hit you with unexpected charges, again
  • a retailer or manufacturer won’t honour their warranty
  • your employer asks you to sign an employment contract
  • your university student’s landlord tries to hit them with an unreasonable bill

Those are just to name a few!

What about a medical situation?  Would you call have thought to call a lawyer when you didn’t think medical staff were responding appropriately?



Imagine you have a child who has been fighting cancer for year.  There comes a time when doctors are trying their very best to save the child’s life and drastic measures have to be taken.  It’s either remove a lung and some muscle tissue or it’s guaranteed your child will lose their life.  The surgery takes 14 hours and you are just exhausted.

A few hours later, your child wakes up and tells you their leg is in excruciating pain.  They took out half his chest.  Why does his leg hurt?  This is a man, he’s 22, who is in the best physical shape and in his prime, he’s crying out in pain and the staff just don’t seem to be doing anything.

It’s a holiday weekend, on a Saturday, and there really just isn’t enough staff.  It’s not because they don’t care but does that really matter?  Your son is in pain and fighting for his life!  Would you think to get legal advice for a medical situation?

The mother called the father who was at home with three other children.  He’s beside himself listening to his wife in tears as she cries out to him.  She asks, do you think LegalShield might be able to do anything?  Hmmmm….. Who would think about legal advice in a medical situation.  Thank God she did!  He made the call.

The lawyer called back in about 10 minutes!  On a Saturday, on a holiday weekend!  That particular lawyer couldn’t answer the question and needed to reach out to someone else who specialized in this kind of thing.  The lawyer asks if it’s ok if he makes a couple of calls before offering any advice.  Of course!  The lawyer from Toronto called another law firm out west who in turn calls the father back.  Now there are two lawyers working for the family.  Oh, and the lawyer from out west was on the phone to the mother within an hour.  He gave the mother some suggestions about how to communicate her concerns and that resulted in a little more attention from the medical staff.

The bigger thing is that the ability to make that call and get a response knowing there wouldn’t be a bill for it was such a relief at a time when you just wouldn’t be able to think straight.  Imagine that!  A lawyer talking you through steps you can take on a holiday weekend and not only do you not pay overtime, you don’t even get a bill.

Legal advice in a medical situation, would have thought?



Anyone can.  A LegalShield membership means that you can pick up the phone any time you have a legal question.  Whether it’s legal advice in a medical situation or you need help understanding tax law, LegalShield membership means you don’t have to be afraid of the phone.  It’s really not that heavy any more!

We all have everyday legal life events.  Most of us don’t seek the proper legal advice simply because of the fear of the cost.  Doesn’t that mean the legal system is for the wealthy?  Not if you have a LegalShield membership.

Empower yourself with access to good legal advice.  Don’t let the system scare you away from knowing your rights.


Make it a great day,


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for the clients who introduced me to LegalShield.  I’m thankful for the growth that came from being a part of such a wonderful group of people.  I’m thankful for those lawyers who helped calm my wife that day.

What are you thankful for today?

Disclosure:  My wife and I are LegalShield independent associates.  The story used above is based on a personal experience and may not apply to your situation.  This blog is a story to demonstrate a potential use of membership and in no way makes any representation or promises on behalf of LegalShield.  Please visit our associate site for more information about membership.

Membership in LegalShield doesn’t take business away from lawyers.

LegalShield membership has been a blessing for our family.

First, let me say that my wife and I are associates.  What’s interesting is that we don’t extol the virtues of the membership because we are associates.  We are associates because of the membership!



We hear people blow off the membership in many different ways.  “My friend is a lawyer”.  “My relative is a lawyer”.  Some lawyers don’t understand the concept so they make the claim this just takes business away from “legitimate” lawyers.

When a situation arises, you don’t want to call your relative or friend because of something like  your cell company being unfair and wanting to charge you $50 for something you didn’t ask for.  You will pay the bill just to avoid calling your friend or family member and wouldn’t even consider making the call if you had to pay for it.



Now think about this.  The membership makes it so that you aren’t afraid to pick up the phone and ask a question.  In many cases, it may help prevent higher cost or recover cost.  LegalShield membership makes it affordable to make the call.  And, you make it.  Explain how that took business from lawyers?  Explain how that took business from your family member or friend?

It doesn’t.

What the membership does do is allow you to take action and maintain peace of mind you might not otherwise have.  In some cases, by having your questions answered in the early stages, you may even be able to determine there is a case for litigation that you might be able to hire your family member or friend for.  Without the membership allowing you to ask the questions, you may not have hired them because you would have walked away from the situation because it was just too expensive to ask the questions and you didn’t believe there was anything there.

In the end, it actually proved the case for business with your family lawyer.



It’s my personal experience that my membership has prevented me from over paying in some cases and there is no way to put a price on the peace of mind in other cases.

We have saved enough because of the membership to pay the cost for at least 10 years before I would consider myself out of pocket.  Actually, it now pays me more than I pay for the membership!

Next time someone approaches you about a LegalShield membership, at least hear them out.


Barry Clermont has Membership in LegalShield and is an Independent Associate.Make it a great day,


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for honest people.  I’m thankful for friends who care enough show me things I don’t know about.  I’m thankful for life!

What are you thankful for today?