Video and Email – Join the big leagues!

Video email isn’t just for big companies.  There is no reason you can’t join the big leagues!


Why Video Email?

Communicating a message in the body of an email can be challenging at best.  Too many words and they just hit delete.  Not enough words and they don’t understand our message.   Besides, a text email is so impersonal.  How do you get people to hear your message?


Talk to them!  Let them look you in the eye!


The Pure Leverage Suite of Tools takes your communication to the next level.  You can create an email that links directly to your message.  With the click of a few buttons and a couple of minutes with your webcam, you can speak directly with your customer or prospect.


What could you use video for?

        • Constant contact with your clients.
        • Letting your prospects see who they are dealing with.
        • Client and prospect tutorials.

 Whether you want to demonstrate a product or teach your clients how to use it, video can save a lot of time and money for all involved.  Using the Pure Leverage suite, you can send video email directly to your clients.  With GVO’s video producer, you can record or upload video to your hosting account and use embed codes on your site to have the video directly in your blog.  For example, in the video below I talk about how my wife’s business to help people understand how the service works.


(The video says it rolls to another site because it was recorded for a different blog.  This is for demonstration and doesn’t roll over.  Click below the picture if you are interested in where it was going.)


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Click here to learn more about her legal services plans.  


Look me in the eye!

Statistically, the majority of people respond to images.  Including video allows people to get a sense of who you are.  


We all make a decision in the first few seconds whether or not we want to waste our time with someone. Making effective use of video allows you to get their attention.  From there, it’s up to you to get the message across.  By including video and text, you are appealing to more than one the senses and are more likely to get your message across.  You might even want to incorporate video conferencing into your communications strategy.    



Even the newspapers are embedding video in their online articles these days.  Their pages look suspiciously like WordPress, the engine used to produce the Pure Leverage sites and my blog site!


Make it a great day,




P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for the Internet.  I’m thankful for social media.  I’m thankful for affordable tools!


What are you thankful for today?

Facebook Fan Pages. Why do I need one?

Facebook Fan Pages aren’t the same as your personal page.  They are for promoting specific activities like your business or favourite sport and allow you to keep your personal stuff separate.



1196px-Facebook_like_thumbYou can have friends but your Fan Page can’t.  Your Fan Page can “Like” other Fan Pages and invite other Fan Pages to “Like” them.  This is about promotion, not making friends.  That’s what your personal page is for.

Once you “Like” a Fan Page, their posts will show up in your Fan Page news feed.  This way, when there is something that you believe will interest and benefit your fans, you can share to your Fan Page wall.  You can then “share” to your personal wall if that’s appropriate but this gives you the ability to focus on business to business rather than flooding the walls of your family and friends with stuff that is not relevant to them.


fb_friendInvite your friends and family to your personal page.  This is where you can wear your heart on your sleeve and they will understand.  When you post to your personal page, it won’t show up in your Fan Page news feed.

Stop spewing your business stuff all over your friends and family.  Stop sharing your personal stuff in the business arena.  Trust me, neither group appreciates the same things as the other.  They don’t like irrelevant content and will appreciate the separation.



To learn more about how to create your own Fan Pages, click on the banner below.  There, you will find videos that explain how to use Fan Pages to expand the reach for your group or business.  Whether it’s a sports team or a business, the tools will help you get more people to “Like” you.  There are video tutorials as well as a manual that you can print if that works better for you.

Make it a great day!


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for those who take the time to read this far.  I’m thankful for GVO.  I’m thankful for every opportunity God chooses to bless me with.

What are you thankful for today?

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Social Media Can Be A Mine Field, Tread Softly!


1196px-Facebook_like_thumbThese days, you need to have a social media presence.

Not too long ago, many older people were saying they had no interest in being online.  At the time, I believe it’s because the learning curve was too steep.  Between Microsoft, Apple and all the software developers, they have made computers pretty intuitive and easy to use.  Now Grandma and Grandpa are on Facebook!


Make sure you are aware of the risks.  Now you have family and friends watching.  Business associates and friends want to see what you are doing and even strangers have voyeuristic tendencies.  This is a double edged sword.  It’s wonderful to be able to update everyone on your activities and share your thoughts.  By the same token, you always need to remember that your life is on display for all to see. Continue reading

Online marketing made easy?

Online marketing is hyped as being so easy that anyone can do it.  The reality is there is no such thing as marketing made easy but the right training and tools can certainly help!

Be Willing To Learn

Marketing is like any other life skill.  With hard work, time and determination, it can become easy.  I heard a quote on a Pure Leverage webinar last night that applies to most endeavors:  “The only way to fail is to give up!” – Lynn Huber.  How much are you willing to invest in yourself?  If you are willing to learn, there are all kinds of resources available.

Anyone can learn how to market if they can find the right resources and tools.  You can spend all kinds of time surfing the Internet trying to figure how to market your business online.  There are thousands of resources or, you can find all the tools and training in one package like Pure Leverage.

CLICK HERE animated arrow rightTO LEARN MORE! Continue reading

Internet Marketing: Bring the world to your desktop!



What’s the entire buzz about GVO?

GVO (Global Virtual Opportunities) formerly Kiosk is a company owned by Joel Therien who has a 12 year track of experience in the network marketing and internet marketing industries.



GVO has rapidly created a big buzz in the internet marketing and the MLM , Network marketing arenas due to the fact that it is the only company online that has the knowhow and the expertise to join these two very important business models in a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What makes GVO such an incredible business opportunity?

The answer to this question is twofold:

First of all when you get your hosting package through GVO you will have access to several services like:

  • unlimited autoresponder system,
  • complete video marketing system with easy video producer and video hosting,
  • full audio and video conferencing system,
  • downtime monitoring software, that not only are included but that will also mean significant savings compared to buying all these services separately.

Second, you will have the opportunity to participate in a MLM compensation plan that is much more than a simple affiliate program and makes it an entire business in itself, let me explain:

How are you compensated?

To motivate you to promote the business, GVO pays you 50% commission on the first month of every person that is directly sponsored by you.

Then we have the 2 x 10 Binary Hybrid Matrix Plan that will pay you 5% per month of up to 10 levels down making this a full matrix of 2,046 people and that alone will earn you $4,600.00 per month!

Wait! It gets even better because you will also get a 20% matching bonus on your personal referrals down to 10 levels.

Once you have a downline of 14 people or more then you earn a new profit position in the matrix that you can also make money off of.

What guarantees that people will stay?

If you have been online for some time and you are serious about building an internet business, you know that in today’s market, these are tools that you or any internet marketer can’t afford not to have and that you will be using on a daily basis and that is the key that makes the compensation plan a very successful one.

With this business model you will build an organization of avid and constant users who will be using the services everyday to run their businesses and therefore will be happy to keep paying their monthly fee!

How do I join?

At GVO we even give you the opportunity to try us and fall in love with our services before you commit to a longer stay.

Hope your find everything you are looking for under one roof with unsurpassed quality, see you inside!

Barry Clermont is an Internet and Network Marketer who owns and runs many websites you can read more of his GVO business at


Make it a great day!


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for the opportunity to help people find their “why”.  I’m thankful for the ability to use a computer.  I’m thankful for the Internet!

What are you thankful for today?