53 years ago…

53 years ago today, two young lovers became husband and wife.

53 years ago

November 18, 1960

Lesley Gail Crooks married Vincent Bryan Clermont November 18, 1960.

They were not only married but actually remained lovers until the day Mom died.  There were never two people more in love.  I know Dad still misses her each and every day.

My parents taught us how to be married and I believe there were no greater teachers.  We always knew that our parents loved us very much but we also knew that each of them was more important to the other than anyone else in the world.  They taught us that we had to make sure we looked after ourselves and dedicate ourselves to making our partners happy.

They also taught us that a good marriage takes a lot of work.  There will be trials that will test your relationship.  You need to be prepared to speak up when there is an issue and not let it fester.  You need to learn how to “fight fair” and be respectful of each other.  Always remember, making up is a lot of fun!

Be Strong

Be strong as an individual and give your partner the respect to do the same.

10-28-2010 08;47;20PM_1I was talking to a friend recently and described it this way:

I have to be a strong enough “me” in order to become a part of a strong “we”.  We have to be a strong enough “we”, in order to be effective parents.  Too many times, I have seen couples who put their children ahead of their spouse and end up losing their identity as a couple.

I thank God that my parents did such a great job of loving and respecting each other, being such a great model for the relationships in our lives.

Today, I’m thankful for two amazing individuals that became an exemplary couple and the world’s greatest parents.

In loving memory of my mother and thank you to my father.

Make it a great day,


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful I met a woman as wonderful as my mother.  I’m thankful my parents were such great role models.  I’m thankful we were blessed with a wonderful family.

What are you thankful for today?