Five Facebook Faux Pas

A faux pas is an action that lacks tact and diplomacy, in the most simple terms, an action that hurts someone’s feelings.  Here are five faux pas to avoid on Facebook.

  1. Sometimes your best friend shouldn’t be connected to your Facebook page.
  2. Never post pictures of you with a new flame before your separation is final.  You might end up using your #LegalSavingsPlan!
  3. Don’t post comments when you are mad.
  4. Think twice about responding to negative comments about your business.
  5. Don’t be selling all the time, especially on your personal timeline.

See below for some explanations and examples.


1. Choosing Your Friends


Facebook is like having your own personal newspaper.  What you publish is very public and shared around the world.  Your life is the news.  Your “friends” are your audience and they can all see each other.  You don’t have to be friends with everyone, nor should you.

Think back to high school.  You likely had different circles of friends and they didn’t always mix well together.  Keep your friends to your personal time line.  Invite your followers to your fan pages and be very careful about mixing the two.


2. Posting Pictures

Denise Kayaking July 19, 2014

You are away on vacation and are all excited about the place, time and people you are with.  Many of us carry cell phones with data plans these days and are very quick to snap a picture and upload it to Facebook.  What is the picture about, who are you with and what are you doing?

Remember that family, friends and your boss are very likely paying attention.  Not a good idea to be posting pictures of you in another country when you are supposed to be home recuperating.  Are you ready for your family to know all about a new relationship?  Think before you post.

What’s that old saying?  Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Think about how much can a picture hurt!


3. Posting Comments

Words can hurtWordle_Divorce.  When you are posting to Facebook, they are out there forever.

Sometimes we don’t think about who is following our posts.  How many times have you seen a couple who has separated or divorced posting comments about the other.  Our “friends” are watching.  How do you think it makes them feel when they love both of the partners?

When you are feeling angry, sad, and even excited, write your post and then go pour yourself a coffee before you upload it.  Go back and re-read your post.  Consider what you are reading and whether or not you would would say this to the person directly.  If you think it won’t cause reactions you can’t live with, then go ahead.

Be careful or you just might find yourself needing a #LegalSavingsPlan !


4. Responding To Negative Posts

1196px-Facebook_like_thumbThink twice before you respond to a provocative post.

Social Media is a mine field.  When someone makes a post that is negative, derogatory or makes you angry and you have the urge to respond, in short, DON’T DO IT!!!

The appropriate thing to do is take that conversation off line.  Use private messaging, email or even better, pick up the phone.  By responding publicly, you give credence to their comment whether it is factual or not.  Have a private conversation and come to a resolution.  Positive or negative.

I have seen something like this where someone posted a negative comment about a business.  The person who was involved in that business contacted the writer privately and had a conversation that resulted in the post being removed.  The writer had every right to their feelings, not necessarily agreement with the statement, and the feelings were validated through private conversation.  In the end, the writer recognized that the comment was a little unfair the post was removed quickly.


5. Promoting Your Business

Don’t “puke” all over your Facebook “friends”!  I’m not saying you should never mention your business.  It’s part of who you are.  Like all promotion in social media, give them a reason to read what you have to say.  It’s about giving valuable content.  By all means, provide a link to promotions you think they may value.

Your family and friends will likely be interested in things like sports or current events.  You can post about something like legal issues with links to relevant articles.  Maybe even link to your own blog which provides thoughts and feedback about that particular subject.

man-announce-01sI prefer to write blogs like this with links to relevant articles and offers.  For example, at the end of the section above, there is a link to #LegalSavingsPlan.  That goes to a site where I explain what a #LegalSavingsPlan is and will lead to one of my businesses.  I hope the rest of the content in this blog provides value and those that are interested will click that particular link.  Other links go to more of my blogs that provide information related to that particular keyword.  Of course, there may be a related link to one of my businesses in that particular post!

Another thing you can do is set up a separate Facebook Fan Page for your business and keep the marketing efforts over there.  That way you can keep your personal time line separate and not flood your family with business promotions.  If there is a business post that is relevant, share it with your family by posting on your Facebook Fan Page and then sharing from there to your personal timeline.

I hope some of this helps.  If you are interested in less “businessy” blogs, I invite you to visit my personal site at


Make it a great day,


P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for the opportunity to share ideas.  I’m thankful for sunny days.  I’m thankful for the internet!

What are you thankful for today?

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