Business Building: Three will make you free, six will make you rich!

Business building can seem daunting some days but the answer is actually simple. Finding three leaders will free you, six will make you rich.

Business Building

Whether you are building a sales organization in the insurance industry or in a direct selling or MLM, the concept is much the same.¬†You need to decide whether you will focus on just selling product or, do you find like minded people to work with you to find customers for your product or service? Don’t get me wrong, no business will survive without a solid product or service that meets the needs of enough people to be profitable. In the end, you need sellers in your organization as well.

Some are sales superstars and just enjoy being on the go all the time. Many are more excited by the hunt than the sale itself. Others are more like coaches and enjoy helping others achieve success.

While you are selling, look for the coaches and bring them into your business. Choose carefully.

Picture of man running with a burning computer.

Three Will Make You Free

This applies to those who prefer to build a sales team. Find three people who can do what you do and then teach them to duplicate what you have done.

It’s all about distribution. Think about the retail market. Where is the real money? Yes, the manufacturer or service provider makes a good profit but it’s the middle man or distributor that has the leverage to make the most.

Six Will Make You Rich


Man with profit bar chartMake a little off the efforts of many. This is how most chain stores make their money. They have multiple distribution centres that all contribute a little bit adding up to big dollars. Imagine if Walmart or Loblaw only had one store. You need to be like the large chain stores and have more distribution points. Leverage the efforts of others.

Three distribution points (people) will free you from a job, six will make you rich.

Coaching pays better than just selling because it leaves you more time for yourself.

What will you chose?


Make it a great day!


P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for great coaches. I’m thankful for great products and services. I’m thankful for like minded people.

What are you thankful for today?