Video to go: Making sure your show will run.

Video can be a little tricky sometimes. Have you ever had a MP4 file that was fine on your computer at home or in the office and wouldn’t run when you were out doing a presentation on another computer? Put VLC on a memory stick and take it with you.

My Video Won’t Run!

Can't open video filesSomeone sent me high resolution video clips from an event to review and they wouldn’t open. I had always thought MP4 video files were universal, they would open on any operating system. I had recently done some work converting WMV to MP4 and had no issues. I couldn’t understand what was wrong. When I called the producer, they asked if I could open VLC video files. Apparently not.

Don’t make the assumption that your video files will run on another computer.


After a little internet research, I discovered the portable VLC media player. You can install this media player on a USB stick and run it on most operating systems without further installation.

movie projectorWhen you are creating video and sharing it with others, having the player included can ensure that you aren’t embarrassed when someone tries to run your video. Instruct them to open the VLC player from the stick and then use the program to open your media file.

This solution will work for sound media as well as video. I usually keep a USB stick in my pocket. I think I’ll keep a copy of the VLC player on that stick in case of emergency!

I hope you find this useful and please share this with anyone you know that is likely to be creating and sharing video or audio files!

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P.S. What am I thankful for today? I’m thankful for Google! I’m thankful for technology. I’m thankful God gave us the ability to think for ourselves.

What are you thankful for today?