Why should I host my WordPress blog on my own domain?

You should host your WordPress blog on your own domain for enhanced capability, security and control reasons.



man-announce-01sI consider myself an average user/blogger.  The reason I chose WordPress is ease of use.


Most people these days have used Microsoft Word or a similar word processing software.  Creating a blog in WordPress is not a lot different.  I have to admit to a bias because the hosting company I use also includes training based on WordPress every Tuesday at 8PM Eastern Standard Time.  Come watch.  It’s open to the public!


With the hundreds of themes available through WordPress, you can apply a theme and modify it easily.  Changing the look of your site takes seconds!  This often requires having your own domain.  Most “pre-packaged” sites have restrictions that will limit what you can do.


WordPress also has the easiest to find and use plugins to help enhance the themes and make the site your own.


  • Do you want advertising on the side bar?  There’s a widget for that.
  • Embed video into your site easily.
  • Insert a photo into your blog and link to your business.
  • Security and antivirus tools and so on…

The domain hosting package I purchased includes access to multiple programs including other software for site creation and management.  I just found the learning curve for the other programs to be too steep and the training wasn’t as easy to find, as WordPress, without further cost.



There are some great widgets to secure your site and:

  • Protect from hackers.
  • Protect from viruses.
  • Block spam.
  • Back up your site.

Because of the popularity of WordPress, it becomes a target for hackers and spammers who do it “because they can” and also for nefarious purposes.  Hosting your own domain allows you to apply further layers of protection for you and your clients.  For example:  I would suggest password protecting your wp-admin folder.  This effectively creates a double log in and will make it more difficult than it’s worth for bad people to spend time trying to get into.


Find a service provider that brings all of this into one easy to access and use place.



hosting-300x250-2You need to make a decision on where to start.  Are you a business that just needs a site and marketing tools?  Will you be leading a team that may need limited hosting to redirect to their affiliate sites?  With GVO, you can always upgrade as your needs increase.


My package includes server management tools as well as the marketing suite.  In my case, I chose the Titanium reseller account so that I can host for my business partners in other businesses as well as create sites for family and so on.



It’s my belief that you should host your WordPress blog on your own domain for security and control.   We all have different needs and preferences.  Only you can decide what you are willing to do and what you can afford.


Make it a great day!




P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for options.  I’m thankful for choice.  I’m thankful for #WordPress !


What are you thankful for today?