You were only half listening? What did that get you?

As sales professionals, it’s imperative that we learn to focus on what the prospect or client is telling us.  Are you truly listening?  When you are “half listening” you may well miss all of the message.


Listening or Reloading

3D-Women-Shake-Hand-01In “Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals“, Mark Bowden talks about being a good listener.  He suggests you ask yourself the question “Am I listening or reloading?”.  Many of us have a bad habit of letting our minds get ahead of ourselves.  We are so busy thinking about the next item on our agenda that we lose sight of the client’s needs.  You might say we are reloading for the next attack.  Do you get the picture?


When you are focused on the next volley, the prospect can sense that you aren’t paying attention.  Then the trust goes and ultimately the opportunity is lost to us.


Stop selling! Help them buy.

3D-Women-Idea-01Most of us are pretty intelligent people.  We don’t need someone to tell us what we need.  We are looking for someone we can trust and that help us buy.  Most of us make decisions by reflecting.  That means you need to be a reflective listener!


Pay attention to what your prospect is saying.  If you listen closely enough, they will tell you exactly what they need from you in order to buy what they want.  In most cases, it’s simply taking the time to reassure the client or prospect understands that it’s not just the sale that drives you.


They can buy products or services just about anywhere from anyone.  Why you? 


Do you really listen? 

Most of us like to think we do.  I think most of us are really reloading.

I would suggest reading two books to help with communicating with prospects and clients.

  • The Secret Language of Leadership by Stephen Denning

  • Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals by Mark Bowden


Make it a great day,



P.S.  What am I thankful for today?  I’m thankful for great writers like Simon Sinek, Stephen Denning and Mark Bowden.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to share ideas.  I’m thankful for you!


What are you thankful for today?