30 Day Trial

30 Day Pure Leverage Marketing Tools Suite Trial

Pure Leverage 30 Day $1 trial


http://TheDavidGardner.com/1Dollar  (You must see this page as shown in the image below with the ending “barefootpainting” in the link at the top of the page and when you go to the check out page it should say “Referred by: David Gardner” in order to be credited to my downline and qualify for these bonuses!)

Pure Leverage 30 Day Trial

Bonuses for Taking the 30 Day Trial:

  1. Two 30 Minute Consult sessions (online, on the phone or in person if you live near me!)
    1. The first consult session will be scheduled in the beginning of the trial and after a survey is complete and submitted where we will take you through the system and pick out things you should be focusing on and getting started with
    2. The second consult session will scheduled after about two weeks where we will touch base on your progress and tweak a few things to help bring in leads for you over the next two weeks.
  2. Instant Coaching access to me (text message, email and FB messenger)
    1. You will have access to ask questions about marketing, Pure Leverage tools etc. through various methods, though keep in mind, the Pure Leverage member area and Facebook group are full of many training modules and recorded training on how to use and benefit from the software.
  3. Content Rich comment on your first blog post using the platform
    1. I will provide a comment on your first blog post
    2. This will provide feedback and start engagement for you on your blog
  4. Review of your first blog post using the platform
    1. I will provide a separate break down of your blog post which includes everything from layout, to grammar, to call to action and things you can add in to monetize your blog.
  5. PLR supply for you to use for blog content in your niche
    1. Here you will have a supply of niche specific content that will help you create blog posts, videos, audios and more (that you can of course create more blog posts with!)
    2. This will save you time and money to pay someone else to create the whole article AND will often spark other ideas for you which you can then use to create additional posts and content.

SUPER BONUS for Taking the 30 Day Trial:

  • I am going to hook you up big time here and add your affiliate link into my click rotator for 30 days to help you grow YOUR downline with MY traffic!
    • I will add your link to my account and give you the potential of building some of your downline with no extra effort on your part.
    • You will have access to the re-seller license during your first 30 days and will have a recurring fee of about $20 after this month if you stay on to maintain your re-seller license in addition to the $24.95 fee required for the whole tools suite
    • If one your downline members upgrades to other courses/services within Pure Leverage and you do not also own that level or course, your commissions for that particular course/level will be passed up forever.  You might consider upgrading your account to maximize your qualifying commissions and being able to learn more in the long run.



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