GVO Pure Leverage versus Host Then Profits

GVO Pure Leverage versus Host Then Profits

Pure Leverage versus Host Then Profits

We are left with a little more than 2 full days in July
and then is it 5 months left in the year!

Can you believe how fast it truly is going?

Are you satsified with how it has gone thus far?

If so, great…If not, you still have plenty of time
to take action, but you do have to implement what
we share with you to make it work.

The past few emails I have focused on inviting you to
our rapidly growing Facebook group


This group is now over 36,000 members AND has close
to 1000 who have actually made some mon.ee on the
tools as well which you can try for fre/e for 7 days here


If not now, when will you start to take action?

Of Instant Income System, the new GVO Facebook Integrated lead generation system
which expires at midnight EST July 31, 2014.

Turn images on to see the animation

Just yesterday I spent some time with a woman I work
with who is getting her business online and building her
own list (which is one of the most important things you
can do to be successful) and was showing her the tools
you will gain access to which include but are not limited
to the following:

*Autoresponder for building a list up to 10,000 subscribers
*Webinar room for up to 100 attendees for live events
*Video email
*Hosted blog that is fully editable
*Twice weekly live training sessions
*and much more

Now to be honest with you she realized that this was way
to many features to what she really wanted to do this
time around so I also shared with here the smaller option
which only cost $10 and does much of what Pure Leverage
does, but on the small scale.

For example:

*Autoresponder for up to 500 subscribers
*Webinar room for up to 5 attendees
*Hosting for up to 4 blogs or websites
*Weekly live training and more

If you want to start small and later work your way up
you can take action instead with this link compared
to the top link.


Here is an overview video I did a while ago that compares
both Pure Leverage and Host Then Profits which might
help answer more of your questions:

The major thing here is that you take some action
and as I told my friend, it is not about taking the
first step, but jumping into your new challenge
and growth methods.

Here is a no-opt in required PDF I put together
which will help with the smaller starter package
and can also help with the Pure Leverage option
as well.


Doesn’t matter if it is bad or good, you can
always tweak it later, but make something
right now.

I look forward to helping you anyway I can.

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Dave Gardner
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Work With Me – Pure Leverage
Fight the Forces of Evil with Me – Empower Network

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Massive Empower Network Discount on June 3, 2014

They should have just unlocked the doors to
save 2 Grand on the ALL IN memberships with
Empower Network.

Time to Join Empower Network

What would normally cost you $5000 is now
up for grabs for just $2997.

The cool thing is that after this week, if
you are a reseller, you can earn the
commission on $5000 and make a profit
from your first couple sales.

All the training in how to do that is inside
the member are and in the awesome
courses that are part of being all in.

Here is a video I shot the other day
showing that that I am in fact already
ALL IN and not just trying to get you
to buy something I have not invested
many hours into myself.


The joining of forces makes the universe
run and you get to start controlling your
own destiny here today…

…at a massively reduced rate that
will most likely NEVER be repeated.

Heck, I paid the full $5000 at the
end of the year last year, though
the content and training is well
worth it.

Knowing what it inside makes me
obligated to share it with you.

It really does not matter what business
you are looking to do or grow.

The Empower Network helps ALL
businesses reach their goals by
providing training in lead generation
solo advertising, SEO, and much,
much, more.

You can get started today for only
$25 for the basic tools and blogging
system here:


Though if you can swing it, I would
highly suggest getting ALL IN!

It’s your time!

Lets do this.

Dave Gardner

Vick Strizheus Banned from Empower Network

Regardless of what you read about, watch in a video clip or hear someone say, the only one who really knows what is going on with Vick Strizheus, is of course Vick Strizheus and his wife and possibly attorneys.

The recent blow up in social media about the number one affiliate and income earner in ANY industry related to MLM leaving or being banned from Empower Network has caused quite a bit of controversy with people trying to jump on Vick and get people to shift over the THEIR teams.

I can be partial here to an extent as I am not a member of Big Idea Mastermind, nor was I one of the people sponsored by Vick Strizheus.

What I do know is this.  Vick has provided some of the best traffic generation techniques and strategies I have seen and studied in my 5 years marketing online building my business part time.

The Internet Traffic Formula course as well as bonus software and traffic agency groups suggested to us were things I have not used in the past to the extent I am starting to use them now and have resulted in gains in my list size already.

It has been shared by Vick Strizheus in his letter this morning seen here, that he never said we was walking away from Empower Network and will also continue to deliver top notch content from the Internet Traffic Formula course (which is a product being sold by some of the same Empower Network affiliates, making thousands of dollars off of it, that jumped down Vicks throat last night)

See Vick Strizheus’s explanation and transparent description of the events leading to all the hype:


After reading, of course you need to come to the personal realization that is has nothing to do with Vick Strizheus in regards to whether you or I for that matter are successful using the trainings and tools provided in the Empower Network suite of programs.

As I always say to my students and players (I coach a couple varsity sports) that it really is not about the coach, but what they do in that “You get out of it what you put into it”

I still think Vick Strizheus is a marketing genius and look forward to continuing the Internet Traffic Formula course and I also think that Empower Network is a great business plan and opportunity to learn how to build a marketing business online and reach for your goals of economic independence.

I welcome all to come and test out the Empower Network here and start training to grow their business as well and see for yourself the power of the training’s, family and tools we have there.


Dave Gardner

How to Get Internet Traffic Formula for FREE

I just got this email from Coach Vick!

If you have not been watching the three Internet Traffic Formula videos yet, today is your last chance as they come down tomorrow and Video 4 goes live at 12PM EST

Here is what he had to say!

Make sure you read the whole thing to see about getting ITF for FREE!

I re-watched video 2 again last night and loved his take and template to swipe from for his Capture Machine!

Gotta watch those videos to see how easy and simple you need to make it…AND why you should not let people know what type of training they are getting after they opt into YOUR OWN SITES

Tomorrow is going to rock!


PS If you want to promote this yourself, just join us on the affiliate team here:


Here is Vicks Message below!


I’ve got some *really* cool stuff to tell you about, but first some updates.

Ok, I gotta tell you… it’s been one heck of a crazy ride over the last several days…

I’ve released THREE training videos for you…


The response has been overwhelming – they have been watched hundreds of thousands of times and I received over 6,000 comments…

People are literally DEMANDING that I open Internet Traffic Formula and let them in already..

Check this out:

Turn your images on :)

and there are at least 200 comments similar to these..


I guess this whole “give a lot of value first” thing really works.




I’m about to pull these free videos down as I’m getting ready to open the doors to my Internet Traffic Formula Elite Coaching Program.

For those who want to take this to the next level – tomorrow I’m going to be opening up registration to Internet Traffic Formula Elite Coaching Program and taking on the first group of clients.

Yep, that’s TOMORROW at 12:00 Noon eastern time.

I will be sending you instructions on how to register when we open.


IMPORTANT – Want To Get ITF Virtually Free?


When we go *LIVE* tomorrow, I’m going to do the Un-thinkable and allow a few “Fast Action Takers” to get the Internet Traffic Formula for virtually nothing.

Let me explain…

I was able to get a few bonus certificates that will pretty much off-set the entire tuition for ITF allowing you to get it virtually free.


This special “test deal” will only be availalbe for the first 2 hours or less after we open registrations.

No exceptions.

I really think it will only be available for a few minutes because I just have 200 of these certificates and there are over 86,000 people on the waiting list.

I will tell you all about it in the video I’ll send you tomorrow.

If you want to take advantage of it, you need to be ready tomorrow at 12:00 Noon EST SHARP so you don’t miss out.

In the meantime, if you missed my FINAL video, you can watch it here now:

VIDEO 3: “Secret BUYERS Traffic”


Talk soon, Vick

P.S. Remember, I’m going to open up registration for ITF Elite Coaching Program tomorrow at 12:00 noon EST.

First 200 people will be able to get a bonus certificate that will pretty much off-set the entire tuition allowing them to get ITF virtually free.

If you want in – be ready and be quick.

There are over 86,000 people on the waiting list and I’m pretty sure it’s probably going to sell out in just a few minutes.

Reason I’m giving you heads up is because you’re on my personal list and I wanted to give you a chance first, before the rest of the folks find out.

P.P.S. If you missed the first 3 training videos, watch them now because they are coming down.

Here are the links:

VIDEO 1: “The Master Key To Internet Riches http://www.internettrafficformula.com/video?video=theformula&id=barefootpainting

VIDEO 2: “Traffic Magic” http://www.internettrafficformula.com/video?video=trafficmagic&id=barefootpainting

VIDEO 3: “Secret BUYERS Traffic Source” http://www.internettrafficformula.com/video?video=results&id=barefootpainting


IMPORTANT: registration to Internet Traffic Formula opens tomorrow at 12:00PM EST.

Watch your inbox closely so you don’t miss out on the “early bird” super bonus and an opportunity to off set your entire ITF tuition cost.

Empower Network FAQ: Everything you need to know about starting with the Empower Network

Empower Network FAQ:

Everything you need to know about starting with the Empower Network

To lock arms and join forces with me in the Empower Network, I have put together a summary video on the most often asked questions about the courses and system.

Here are some FAQ, or Frequently asked questions I have answered for you to help you get to know how the Empower Network opportunity works:

Empower Network FAQ’s

1) What is the Empower Network

2) Is the Empower Network a Scam or a Pyramid scheme?

3) It the Empower Network really 100% commissions?

4) Do you have to own the products to promote them?

5) Why does the Empower Network have a reseller license fee?

6) I am not a business owner, how can the Empower Network help me?

7) Why would the Empower Network be needed for business owners?

8) How do I make money with the Empower Network?

9) What are the recurring fees with the Empower Network?

10) How do I promote the Empower Network?

11) How do I afford to get “all in” with the Empower Network?

12) I am a newbie, How do I get started with the Empower Network?

13) Are there systems to use to make it easier to promote Empower Network?

14) How do I collect leads to follow up with for the Empower Network?

15) I can get all in, but do not have additional funds to advertise. How do I grow my Empower Network business with you?

16) Can you loan me money to start or cover my expenses until I make my commissions back with the Empower Network?

17) Is there a guarantee that I will make money with the Empower Network?

18) What do I really have to do to see results in Empower Network, or any business for that matter?

Want to join me today, come find out how I am going to help boost your lead generation to start building your team as well at http://MLMdrip.com

Dave Gardner

PS Want to share the view love…you can also watch this on Youtube.


Onyalist Lead Capture page software is awesome

That is how I want to describe the new LCP (Lead Capture Page) software that I am testing out for my marketing mastermind buddies Jane and Phil.

Check out this version that took me just a few minutes to put up and it has a funnel, timer (if I want to add it in) and much more which is just click/drag and drop easy!


Test out the funnel and you will see what I mean when you opt in and see what happens on the following pages.

No code to create: Means time well spent on other things!!!

I will be putting a video together for this later and will give you some details aon the power of this that you will definitely want to pick up for your toolbox!

Check it out now!

Dave Gardner


I have a dream

I have a dream!

Today marks the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s Life on earth!

He had a dream as well.

A life where people were not treated or thought upon, based on the color of their skin, but one much better.

Now I know throughout the world there still is the lack of equality…though there is one playing field where we truly can be considered as equals.

The internet.

I know you might not have the same skils as the next person when it comes to your knowledge of the online home business arena, though you can quickly learn and with the application of this matter, can be equal or even surpass those who came before you and gave up.

That truly is the work ethic you must abide by here.

Never give up and you too will see your dreams manifested right before you.

The fruit of your labor will grow ripe and succulent for the world to enjoy and use.

I am here to help you out along the way with the right tools, training and products to promote.

You just have to be a willing participant.

They say that Freedom is not Fre.e!

Neither is building a business, though you can do it the smart way and consolidate materials here!

You need one of these for sure, and should get them both, but start where you are comfortable and progress from there.

The details are here:


Make your dreams a reachable reality now!

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Dave Gardner
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Be determined in your business to see success

My wife dragged me to the gym today for a quick workout…

Which is a good thing because the internet lifestyle cab be awesome, but can wreak havoc on your wasitline and posture as you could be spending hours on your computer.

Anyways, after I did a few laps on the track and a couple miles on the bike, I headed in for a little free weight upper body workout.

When I go in there, I saw a women with a broken ankle and hopping around on crutches so she could go between exercises.

Now that is what I call determined!

If she can do this, then there should be no excuse for you to to sit idle and not take action just because you might not feel as though you are in the best “shape” when it comes to you marketing knowledge.

Remember, we all start at the bottom and grow over time.

When you align yourself with the right people, or in the case of a workout, have a spotter to help you out, you will see those improvements much faster.

Whether a work out partner or a business partner, you will see that having someone else to push you when you most need it will make your growth even better and faster, than if you were to do it all your own.

It’s time to get in the game and get your marketing self in shape.

Come see how we are working out here:


You have to have your mind in the game as much as your body and this will totally put you in the right space.

I’ll see you on the “inner” side…sorry, could not resist!

Expect a call and a text once you get in the Inner Circle!


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Dave Gardner
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Work With Me – Pure Leverage

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Stop fucking around and being a pussy! Words by Frank Kern

Stop fucking around and being a pussy!  Words by Frank Kern

I am not sure why it is that people will not “Stop fucking around and being a pussy!”

They join something that they originally feel might be the answer to their problems, then they do not take a damn bit of action on what they learn to make the outcome actually happen.

As Frank Kern says, they need to “stop fucking around”.  So many people out there will buy course after course or product after product and either go through it half assed or not at all and let it sit on their shelf looking nice and pretty.

The only thing I guarantee for them is failure if they do this.  You have to take action if you want to see results.  There is no way around this.  If you look at anyone who is successful, you will hear the stories of failure along the way.

People like Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, Frank Kern and millions of other successful people out there have failed miserably along the way, but kept getting back up and working to make it work right for them.

They did this by not “being a pussy” and actually taking risks along the way.  Guess what…They failed over and over again along the way and kept getting better in the process.

Failure + Failure + Failure = Success

Fail Forward Fast my friend

You have to take consistent action if you want to be successful.  It is not about just having some hobby.  You have to be passionate in what you are doing and have some daily discipline in things like reading to become more knowledgeable, sharing to become a leader, advertising your product and sharing with with others, putting out content and your own failures and successes and much more.

If you want success you have to “Stop fucking around and being a pussy!”

End 2013 with a Bang and bring that momentum into 2014 to keep building a better you.

If you were offended here, too bad…It might be time to put on your big boy or big girl pants and realize there is not handouts here were you get paid just for showing up.  I bust my ass in my full time job and I bust my ass with my business as well fully believing I will be successful with some failures along the way.

I keep getting back up though and will continue to do this and do what it takes to get what I want.  That will never change for me.

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Dave Gardner
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Work With Me – Pure Leverage

PS: If Your Upline Does Not Have a Step-By-Step Blueprint For Success, Check This Out (Unless You Already Have Too Many Leads) – Click Here For Instant Access

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Black Friday and the DRIPS

Wow, if that doesn't dound like the name of a death metal band
I am not sure what would!

"Black Friday and the Drips"
The Downline Re Investment Plan

The Downline Re Investment Plan

Yes, today is Black Friday, what is known as the day that businesses
get out of the RED (debt) and into the BLACK (profit) with their
growth for the calendar year in business.

Some businesses make more money in these last few weeks of th
year than they do ALL year long, ending up on top.

There are some businesses though that have been rocking it since
the beginning and have continued to grow their brand AND the profits
of their members and that is where I want to focus our efforts here

So the question might arise as to what the heck is meant by 
the "Drips", now that we have already discussed what Black Friday 

...by the way, my wife and I went out last night at around 5:30 PM to
Walmart to get in some early shopping as Black Friday has now seemed
to become Black Thursday...and it was like a traffic jam inside with
hundreds of carts and people bumping into each other.

Anyways, back to the "Drips"!

If you know anything about investing, when your stocks and funds grow
they end up creating dividends that are earned and put back into your
account.  Thus when the company does well, they put some of THEIR
profits back into YOUR account.

Sounds like a nice bonus huh...and the DRIP stands for the Dividend
Re-Investment Plan (or program if you like that 'P' word instead)

So I came up with another 'Drip" myself.

The Downline Re-Investment Plan!

You would not be reading this if you were not vested into building your
profits, growing your business, working on a team to help you along
the way or many other similar ideas right!

That is why I am writing you today because it all starts new and fresh
with 5 weeks left of the year.  I want to help you end 2013 like it is
the last 5 weeks of your marketing life.  I want to help you go out with
a huge BANG!

But you gotta be with me!

I want you to go watch a video where I talk about re investing back into you
and I have some other special offers...only mentioned in THIS message
that will provide an additional perk for you to TAKE ACTION TODAY!

You see, there are multiple levels of the team and Downline I can re-invest
for you...and the more I can, the better you will be.

Level One A DRIP: You get in with the Viral Blog System at $25 a month
I am going send you a Physical Copy of my Book, "Riding With Guru's"

Level One B DRIP:  You get in with the Affiliate License at $20 a month
I am going to put a $10 credit toward solo ad cliks to YOUR link

Level Two Drip: You get in with the Inner Circle at $100 a month
I am going to put a $50 credit toward solo ad clicks to YOUR link AND
send you a DVD with some of my Favorite Marketing Audios so that you
continue your education on the road or while you are doing your chores!
Level Three Drip: You get in with the Costa Rica Mastermind at $500 one time cost
I am going to put a $250 Credit toward solo ad clicks to YOUR link AND
Set you up with a 1 hour one on one call with me to discuss your marketing
plans and business growth
Level Four Drip: You get in with the 15 K Formula at $1000 one time cost
I am going to put a $500 credit toward solo ad clicks to YOUR link AND
Add you to my link rotator when I send my own solo ads out, thus even MORE
clicks will be going to you.
Level Five Drip: You get ALL IN and get the Masters Course at $3500 one time cost
I am going to put a $1500 credit toward solo ad clicks to YOUR link AND sending you
A copy of Daegan Smiths Email MLM Formula (Book and 8 DVD's) which is valued 
at $497 and chock full of swipe files and content to use in your marketing! 

As you can clearly see, I am just about putting my whole commission back
into YOU...We work with a pass up system so I know in the long run I 
will get it back, though I also know you need some help in the beginning
as well once you start!

Start Your DRIP Program here

NOTE 2: The solo ads AND physical products will not be shipped out until after the 
clearace of my commissions.  I know you want to grow your business and I want
to work with people who are committed to sticking with the system.  No refunders
allowed here otherwise, the whole idea of Black Friday turns into a massive RED
disaster and my tax accountant will have my head on a platter!

It is time to treat yourself and your business like a business and invest in it.
You can also think of it as buying a gift for your Business, though remember
it should also quality for tax deduction purposes (contact an accountant to 
verify in your case)

You know you want to succeed...now you just need to take that step to start!
Once you get going and practice daily discipline in working on the business
and not just "in the business" you will see growth.

Come along and get your own DRIPS here!

I look forward to setting you up with some heavy click traffic and building YOUR
business these last 5 weeks of the year and for years to come after that as well!

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions by replying to this email.

Let the fun begin!

Dave Gardner 

Image credit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=3038