Earth Day Marketing

Happy Earth Day!

I am saving some major resources by
sending you this email message instead
of writing a letter!

No trees cut down for paper
No vehicles using gas to transport the letter
No residues from the glue and stamps
No inks from the pens or printing
No graphite to dig up to write the note

I do understand there is some environmental
cost with electricity and recharging batteries,
though the impact should be much less.

Compound this by thousands when you send
many emails each day for years to a growing
subscriber list and we really are saving some

Just a small part I can play in keeping our
Earth in better shape.

That is one of the perks of running a business
online in that you can be environmentally
conscious while trying to expand at the same

I am not saying that direct mailings are not
important as I also use them for certain
campaigns, however on a day to day basis
the money saved is immense, and continues
to grow as the Post office continues to increase
there stamp costs annually.

Guess, what, my email autoresponder and other
tools are a flat rate of just $25 a month.

If I was to send letters, I could only send about 54
letters out each month (just the stamp price at
USD $0.46 a piece and does not include the cost
of the envelope, paper, printing ink etc.)

As I continue to grow my list, my expenses should
get bigger, though I am locked into a $25 a month
rate for up to 10,000 subscribers.

You can be too here:

Now I want to let the cat out of the bag…for
something that is coming out later this week.

For just $10 a month, you will soon be able to
get your hands on the tools to build a list up
to 2,000 susbcribers.

Now if you could get FIVE times as many
subscribers you might expect to pay $50
a month then right?

Well, what if I told you that you could also
get the following:

* Webinar conference software for 100 attendees
* Video email software
* Video Hosting
* A blog to set up as you wish
* Live weekly training and much more

…Would you believe me this is just the same
price I mentioned that I pay above at $25!

You can get in now with the full package
for a really low price and test them out for
just $1 now here:

If you want to really step it up a notch
and be able to share the tools just grab
the reseller license as well and earn 100%
commission on the first month and 50%
commissions on residual months

All while doing your part to save the earth
at the same time!

Make it count today!

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Dave Gardner
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Why Take Risks?

Why Take Risks in business?

Why Take Risks in business?

I just got back an hour or so ago from a wake and funeral for my wife’s grandfather.

During the eulogy today one of the sons spoke of the risks he took at times and being a daredevil growing up…even until late in life, not once, but many times.

It is all about living life to the fullest.

You have to put yourself out there.

You also have to do things that build character, but putting your own time in to the growth of whatever it is you are looking to accomplish.

Guess what though!

If you never told anyone these stories that could be passed on to remember you by, it is mostly likely useless to do them.

It is time for you to share your own story of the struggles you have faced, the challenges you have accepted, the vision you are going to reach and more.

I want you to be able to leave a legacy behind that people will never forget.

Having the right platform and support is going to make it that much easier for you to do this.

Make today count!

Dave Gardner

PS If you go in today and upgrade to the whole month beyond the $1 trial AND stick with it for 30 days working to build your legacy…no refunds though, I will send you an Amazon or iTunes gift card for $25.

If you refund I will not be able to do this as I would not make a commission.

I am in the business of re-investing back into you and this is just the beginning of what I have in mind!


“Business Man And Money” by 1shots available at

Pure Leverage Video Email Feature

Pure Leverage Video Email Feature

The Pure Leverage Video Email Feature allows you to send video emails to subscribers on your autoresponder list through Pure Leverage or to also send to a small number of general email. Thus if you want to send one to your mom, go right ahead!

The Video email feature is just one of the features inside of the Pure Leverage marketing tools suite that is beneficial for anyone looking to build a following through online means, website growth, business building etc.

When you are developing your list it is a great way to build a know, like, and trust relationship where your followers can get to know you a little more personally or get a quick training to help them out in solving their problems as well.

As mentioned in the video, this Pure Leverage Video Email Feature seemed to work better in Google Chrome than it did in Internet Explorer.

The video email feature also allows you to send out broadcasts by setting a time in the future that you would like your email to be sent out.

Other features of the Pure Leverage marketing suite include an autoresponder for up to 20,000 people (split two ways between the Pure Leverage business and your own personal websites).

It also includes a webinar conference room where you can hold live events, desktop sharing, trainings or again, just call your mom.

Twice weekly, Pure Leverage is also hosting live training events in using the tools and marketing mindset and skill sets.

The other major feature of the Pure Leverage marketing tool suite is the blog that is also included. This comes fully installed and ready to use and can be modified to meet the needs and design wishes of any business.

You can find out more about the Pure Leverage marketing tools suite and the Video email feature at

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Dave Gardner
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I have a dream

I have a dream!

Today marks the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s Life on earth!

He had a dream as well.

A life where people were not treated or thought upon, based on the color of their skin, but one much better.

Now I know throughout the world there still is the lack of equality…though there is one playing field where we truly can be considered as equals.

The internet.

I know you might not have the same skils as the next person when it comes to your knowledge of the online home business arena, though you can quickly learn and with the application of this matter, can be equal or even surpass those who came before you and gave up.

That truly is the work ethic you must abide by here.

Never give up and you too will see your dreams manifested right before you.

The fruit of your labor will grow ripe and succulent for the world to enjoy and use.

I am here to help you out along the way with the right tools, training and products to promote.

You just have to be a willing participant.

They say that Freedom is not Fre.e!

Neither is building a business, though you can do it the smart way and consolidate materials here!

You need one of these for sure, and should get them both, but start where you are comfortable and progress from there.

The details are here:

Make your dreams a reachable reality now!

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Dave Gardner
Skype: barefootpainting

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Email blunders to never commit in your email marketing

So I just got an email that had the following screw ups.

1) There was a picture of a women as their icon/avatar, though it was signed “Mike”

2) The Name on the email was a females name

3) The Email address was linked to another name

Wow, the TRIFECTA of screw ups with an email.

The other thing was that they blatantly asked me to “Mark it as not spam” when clearly it was as I had never subscribed to this persons email list with my email.

To top it off, they had a hypertracker link (something used to track and test emails open and click rates etc.) though when you hovered over it you could see it was going to some other random link.

General rule here: Don’t ever do this!

This just wreaks of a piss poor marketing technique and one that screams of being a scamming piece of crap.

Don’t do that!

You will build trust and get people to click on your links and even buy stuff from you, when you come off as someone who can follow through with the right choices and decisions.

I do not sugar coat things and if you are offended by my pointing out these issues you might not be made out to succeed the right way online.

These type of marketers might get a sale now and again, but will NEVER build a successful business.

They keep having to do the same crap over and over again in order to succeed, though it never really happens with them.

Be sure to leave a comment below letting me know what you think about this whole scenario!

Dave Gardner

PS If you want to do email marketing the right way with the right tools, be sure to check this out:

Mass Giveaway Events with Matt Bacak Lead to Profit before Launch

Well there has been a mass event in the making over the last couple days that officially begins at 11:00 am EST Today, January 1, 2014

My mastermind buddy Matt Bacak just had a birthday yesterday and has recruited over 2500 people to be JV (joint venture) partners for his Mass Giveaway.

I jumped at this and have already had sales to be in the profit as a contributor.

Everything else from this point on is major bonus for me and my business and it has not even launched yet.

Here are the main details:

1) It does not cost anything to join: That is why they are gifts!

2) You can start picking from over 400 gifts and if you upgrade for a one time low fee, you can get direct access to all of these without having to join every marketers mailing list.  I would highly recommend doing this to just be able to pick the products you want and not slam your inbox

3) You have a chance to become a contributor as well and can list your own productcs to help build your own list and make sales.

4) It goes live at 11:00 am EST Today, though it it might already be up and running:

Like I said, I am already in profit as I paid a $17 fee to upgrade my JV status and have made both a $17 sale and a $7 sale as well as having a few hundred impressions on my offers and a handful of leads to the various ads I have posted as a partner.

As 2014 begins and you have goals of becoming a better marketer on line, you will want to see what top products there are out there!

For one, I am giving out my “Riding with Gurus” book for nothing aongst some other software and tools to help your marketing.

All you have to do it head on over to the Mass Giveaway at 11:00 am EST and you will be ready to start picking the topics you need to complete those open spaces in your business.

Start your year out with some great products and the tools to help build your own list here:

A) Get the Mass Giveaway here:

B) Get the tools to help you grow and share what you learned in the products from the Mass Giveaway here:

Go make it happen, then come back and share your results with me here!

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Dave Gardner
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Stop fucking around and being a pussy! Words by Frank Kern

Stop fucking around and being a pussy!  Words by Frank Kern

I am not sure why it is that people will not “Stop fucking around and being a pussy!”

They join something that they originally feel might be the answer to their problems, then they do not take a damn bit of action on what they learn to make the outcome actually happen.

As Frank Kern says, they need to “stop fucking around”.  So many people out there will buy course after course or product after product and either go through it half assed or not at all and let it sit on their shelf looking nice and pretty.

The only thing I guarantee for them is failure if they do this.  You have to take action if you want to see results.  There is no way around this.  If you look at anyone who is successful, you will hear the stories of failure along the way.

People like Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, Frank Kern and millions of other successful people out there have failed miserably along the way, but kept getting back up and working to make it work right for them.

They did this by not “being a pussy” and actually taking risks along the way.  Guess what…They failed over and over again along the way and kept getting better in the process.

Failure + Failure + Failure = Success

Fail Forward Fast my friend

You have to take consistent action if you want to be successful.  It is not about just having some hobby.  You have to be passionate in what you are doing and have some daily discipline in things like reading to become more knowledgeable, sharing to become a leader, advertising your product and sharing with with others, putting out content and your own failures and successes and much more.

If you want success you have to “Stop fucking around and being a pussy!”

End 2013 with a Bang and bring that momentum into 2014 to keep building a better you.

If you were offended here, too bad…It might be time to put on your big boy or big girl pants and realize there is not handouts here were you get paid just for showing up.  I bust my ass in my full time job and I bust my ass with my business as well fully believing I will be successful with some failures along the way.

I keep getting back up though and will continue to do this and do what it takes to get what I want.  That will never change for me.

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Dave Gardner
Skype: barefootpainting

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Best Christmas presents ever and my biggest mistake yet!

Best Christmas presents ever and my biggest mistake yet!

After a few days away from the email, I wanted to share my best Christmas presents ever.

I could say some from the past where I got a guitar or some Star Wars toys, however this year has the makings of the best one yet.

I was given the gift of more education…In the form of a few books.

When you are more knowledgeable to your followers and can consistently provide more value to them, they are going to stick with you for years.

You know what that correlates to?

Longer customer retention AND a greater LCV, or Lifetime Customer Value.

When I look at some of the marketers I have been following since 2009, I have invested thousands into their trainings, software, support and more to grow my business from nothing to thousands of subscribers.

This is just working part time.

I want you to have the same for your list as well, though it might not come easy there are ways to speed up the process and that is by learning all the time.

Never stop learning and remember there is ALWAYS someone else out there who is smarter than you who you can gain more information from.

You see, right there was the basis for my biggest mistake yet.  As an educated person, I have a Masters Degree in Education, I started out my journey in the home business field trying to learn everything myself…basically re-creating the wheel.

In the mean time as I was learning, I was not earning…I was only gaining massive knowledge (which of course has since paid off) but not taking action.

Then I started to act on everything I learned.  Something’s of course were implemented more than others as I found some methods easier than others.

Building my list was one of the main goals in this process and it should be for you as well.  It will not come easy, though there are ways to lighten the process and have a package all in one place to make this happen.

Take action before 2013 ends and get your first lead…or your 101st for that matter with the right education, tools and support here

>> Tools to leverage your time!

I have been using this tool since I first started my business to be able to keep in touch with my subscribers and have found it extremely valuable in regards to cost.

If I told you that you could build a subscriber list up to 20,000 people for $50 a month and email them as many times as you wanted, this would be considered a low cost and tax deductible as well (if you live in a country where this is required!).

What if I told you, that you can also get other tools and training like this…and not spend $50?

* Live webinar/conference room software for up to 100 attendees

* Twice weekly live webinars in training on how to use the autoresponder and webinar room and how to market your business from people like Russell Brunson, Daegan Smith and others

* An authority blog which is totally customizable and hosted for you…ready to go within seconds to joining.

* Video email…get your customers to know you a little better!

* Templates for lead generation and much, much more!

Guess what….It cost less than $25 bucks a month for all of this!

I know…crazy right!

Like my own experience, you will never grow until you got the education, tools and support AND Take action on what you learn.

The other cool thing I have to share is that there is a way you can earn 100% commissions on all those tools as well!

Now that is something special and has been paying for the tools themselves for me since shortly after I started promoting them.

Yeah, you can be a reseller and earn commissions, pass-ups and matching bonuses which just makes sense!

You are not forced into doing this, but you could be missing out on some great bonuses for life if you do not…All part of the learning process.

It just makes sense and it should to you!

Grab your tools to leverage your business here:

You will be happy with your decision and I will be there to help you out as well!

Dave Gardner

PS When you join, be sure to watch the short videos as well as the one from me giving you a quick introduction to the tools and software.  Have any questions, feel free to hit me up with an email and/or contact support as well…they are truly awesome and often get back to you within the day.

Pixie Dust, Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Well last night my youngest lost another tooth and wrote a note to the tooth fairy to have some pixie dust.

This is the same daughter who is going to be in today’s Children’s Christmas presentation and wanted to be Mary….and got the spot.

Not that she does much beside sit in the front with Jesus and Joseph (heck…she doesn’t even hold the baby, from what I saw at the practice).

This morning she did wake up to $1 and some pixie dust in her tooth pillow.

The point, regardless of what you do, sometimes you just have to ask and things happen like you want them too.

This same 7 year old might not be so happy today as we were able to squeeze in flu shots before having the Christmas Eve event get started and thus her arms in bothering her…Guess it might be a good thing after all that she is not carrying baby Jesus!

I want to use this email of course to wish you and your family and friends a wonderful holiday season and hope you get all your wishes as well.

Sometimes you do have to work for them and when you achieve them you feel so much better knowing that your hard work paid off for something you could see and experience.

Whether you are helping yourself grow, or helping others, having the right tools to share your story is of the essence and thus I invite you to share the tools as well.  Tis the season of sharing right!

If you are already using the Pure Leverage suite of tools, show people how they have benefitted your business or ways you are going to be incorporating it…or just use the webinar software to reach out and have a live web chat with someone you have not seen in years!

The share with them how they can easily do the same!  You would be amazed at the type of people and their backgrounds who are using this suite of tools…I am talking from all walks of life to help make their future better.

Why not take your turn at making it better as well.

If you are already in…awesome, log in, create some content, share it around and help others.

If you are not in but still on the fence….this is a perfect time to get off…Just come back and join us for a $1 trial here:

To wishing you success at the end of 2013 and of course starting out 2014 with some momentum to make it a wonderful year for you and your family,

Dave Gardner

No one is too small to play an important role in helping others with Wangari Maathai

I just wanted to take a moment and share a post I wrote
that might totally relate to your status online and whether
you think you are making a difference of progress now!

Be the Hummingbird!

We all play important roles in life…the question is whether
you are persistent and do not let anything stop you until
you succeed!

You are important!

You are crucial to others success!

Your knowledge is powerful!

It is time for you to Be the Hummingbird!

Do you want to do you part and share your content and knowledge to help others advance?  If so, lets get you set up with all the right tools to get that job underway right here

Dave Gardner