Free Advertising for Pure Leverage and Empower Network

Free Advertising for Pure Leverage and Empower Network

Wow, Do I have some news for you!

I just decided to do the unthinkable to incentivize you to join me as a member of one of the most popular and well received programs online recently.

And you can duplicate this method as well.

I am going to re-invest in YOUR link…not my link, based on how this works when you join to either the Empower or Pure Leverage platforms

No Guru will ever do this as they usually want all the money coming to them.

I am vested into your success so much that I am going to reinvest 50% off my commissions directly to YOUR link, so YOU get the 1st level downline sign ups and the Lions share of the commissions over time.

Here is the scoop for the basics of both PL and EN

1) If you join the basic membership AND reseller at $45 a month ($25 for the tools/blogs etc. and $20 for the reseller) I am going to put $15 of my commissions (more than 50% of my $25 commission) towards your ad and clicks

2) If you join the VIP level in PL or the Inner Circle Level in EN, I am going to be putting $50 in ads towards your clicks and YOUR link.

3) If you grab the Online Marketing Mastery in PL or the Costa Rica Mastermind in EN, I am going to throw $250 in clicks to YOUR link.

This is going to help you not only with the tools you need to run your business, but also give you a bigger bang for your buck.

If you are stuck between buying the course or paying for ads, you will be able to do it both here!  I am going to pay for your ads instead!

4) If you go above and beyond and purchase the 15K Formula I will throw in an additional $500 in ads your way….and…

5) If you go all in with the Masters course, I will throw in $1500 in ads to YOUR link…helping YOU build YOUR TEAM!

I know that when I help you make money here, I am going to make money as well and I know firsthand from some of the top marketers out there that Paid advertising is the way to go.

The more people that take advantage of these offers the better ad spends and media buys I will be able to put towards YOUR link.

Free advertising is awesome huh!

All you have to do is start small and we can build you up…No need to do this all tonight…but at least get started with the $45 basic and reseller levels.

Then I’ll be in touch.

If you ARE ready to go all sure to touch base with me first to make sure everything is set up the right way for you!

It is time to take action and be thankful that you have the chance to do so!  It is the month of Thanks right?

So head on over to either platform and get started today.

A) Join Pure Leverage here:

B) Join Empower Network here:

Let me help you help yourself!

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