Got Backup is the new unlimited online data storage platform from the GVO and Pure Leverage family of tools.

While the threat of your computer crashing on you is always there, you are most likely to have not backed up your content which can include but is not limited to digital files, photos, movies, music and much more.

Now for less than $8 a month you can have the insurance you need to protect all your valuable files online, for an unlimited amount of space.

GotBackup has a competitive advantage over other online data storage platforms in that they also offer 100% commissions on the referral of the platform to new members from sponsors who participate in the referral affiliate license program (which is an additional $20 per month and covers the cost of the merchant account, processing or credit cards/fees, support, new account set up and more) which allows you have have an unlimited number of sales each month.

I have already started using Got Backup and have placed over 45 GB of my files into the storage and have more on the way.  With a computer that is around 5 years old and getting towards capacity, I want to be secure knowing that I will be able to get my files, should something happen to my computer.

Why not a jump drive or external hard drive?

If you think about it, you most likely are often forgetting your external drives and also they usually have a lifespan of about 3 years (I am on my 3rd 500GB external drive already!) so having the ability to save an unlimited amount and be able to access it from anywhere there is an online or wireless access, can be priceless.

How about the cost of trying to retrieve your lost files?

This can go into the thousands of dollars range, depending on the efforts of the computer squad looking after a crashed computer.  If there happens to be major damage or theft, consider your data gone forever, if you do not have a backup source that is secure.

Up and running in minutes while you enjoy life!

You can be up and running your got backup online backup with in minutes.  With the click of a few buttons and opening the software, you will start uploading the files you want to secure.  Go out and enjoy the day, do some yardwork, go out with friends…and it keeps backing up your computer while you are enjoying life and taking more awesome pictures that you will back up as well!

Get the security you need and protect your files with Got Backup now by clicking this link>> GotBackup?

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know by leaving a comment below…Or just click the link above, sign up and I will get in touch with you as your sponsor!

To saving your best memories!

Dave Gardner

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