I have never felt more confident about the decision I made

Holy crap!

Last night was freaking amazing and I have never felt more confident in my entire life that I have made the right decision here.

I am referring to the choice I made to join one of the best companies out there in the home business arena.

The Empower Network is live this weekend in Miami Florida and last nights sessions were unbeleivable.

From Tracy telling it like it is with people showing up all the way from Africa, but not from a few miles away.

Then seeing the hundreds of people who made it on the stage where they have made a commission with EN.

To people crying on stage in a breakthrough of forgiveness that let them make more room in their head and heart for their own success.

And finally the leaders Dave and Dave giving their best hours yet….even with a neck brace on DW.

Oh, yeah and I can not forget Aaron and Lawrrence sharing the 8 core committments that have brought them to the million dollar earners ring status.

The fun is just getting started and we want you to join forces with us as well.

We think you could earn a Million Dollar ring too.  You know what.  I could care less if I ever won one, but would be jumping all over the place when you won yours!

Come lock arms with us and start seeing your vision come to reality!


I look forward to helping and watching your success

Dave Gardner

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