Easily add audio mp3 files to your WordPress blog

Easily add audio mp3 files to your WordPress blog

Did you know that you can easily add audio mp3 Files to your wordpress blog?  I figured this out the other day and was pretty pleased.  Now this was originally tested out on my own personal blog, not this one which is run through the powerful Pure Leverage marketing tool suite.

You can see how I put this to work (from the video above) and see an example of the audio from that video on my other blog here: http://thedavidgardner.com/how-to-add-audio-mp3-files-to-your-wordpress-blog-easily/

In a few simple steps you can have your own audio up to compliment the video, or text that appears in your blog.  You could use is as bonus material to get people to come to your blog as well as there could be additional tips or strategies included in the audio that are not included in the text, with a call to action of course.  You could even make it into a game if you wanted through your email bringing visitors to your site, where they have to leave a comment based on what they hear on the audio, not necessarily what they read on the blog (or both for that matter!)

As always it is about taking action and getting your content out there!

So here is a little message for you to take into account!  Just play the recording below!

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Dave Gardner