GVO Pure Leverage versus Host Then Profits

GVO Pure Leverage versus Host Then Profits

Pure Leverage versus Host Then Profits

We are left with a little more than 2 full days in July
and then is it 5 months left in the year!

Can you believe how fast it truly is going?

Are you satsified with how it has gone thus far?

If so, great…If not, you still have plenty of time
to take action, but you do have to implement what
we share with you to make it work.

The past few emails I have focused on inviting you to
our rapidly growing Facebook group


This group is now over 36,000 members AND has close
to 1000 who have actually made some mon.ee on the
tools as well which you can try for fre/e for 7 days here


If not now, when will you start to take action?

Of Instant Income System, the new GVO Facebook Integrated lead generation system
which expires at midnight EST July 31, 2014.

Turn images on to see the animation

Just yesterday I spent some time with a woman I work
with who is getting her business online and building her
own list (which is one of the most important things you
can do to be successful) and was showing her the tools
you will gain access to which include but are not limited
to the following:

*Autoresponder for building a list up to 10,000 subscribers
*Webinar room for up to 100 attendees for live events
*Video email
*Hosted blog that is fully editable
*Twice weekly live training sessions
*and much more

Now to be honest with you she realized that this was way
to many features to what she really wanted to do this
time around so I also shared with here the smaller option
which only cost $10 and does much of what Pure Leverage
does, but on the small scale.

For example:

*Autoresponder for up to 500 subscribers
*Webinar room for up to 5 attendees
*Hosting for up to 4 blogs or websites
*Weekly live training and more

If you want to start small and later work your way up
you can take action instead with this link compared
to the top link.


Here is an overview video I did a while ago that compares
both Pure Leverage and Host Then Profits which might
help answer more of your questions:

The major thing here is that you take some action
and as I told my friend, it is not about taking the
first step, but jumping into your new challenge
and growth methods.

Here is a no-opt in required PDF I put together
which will help with the smaller starter package
and can also help with the Pure Leverage option
as well.


Doesn’t matter if it is bad or good, you can
always tweak it later, but make something
right now.

I look forward to helping you anyway I can.

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Best Christmas presents ever and my biggest mistake yet!

Best Christmas presents ever and my biggest mistake yet!

After a few days away from the email, I wanted to share my best Christmas presents ever.

I could say some from the past where I got a guitar or some Star Wars toys, however this year has the makings of the best one yet.

I was given the gift of more education…In the form of a few books.

When you are more knowledgeable to your followers and can consistently provide more value to them, they are going to stick with you for years.

You know what that correlates to?

Longer customer retention AND a greater LCV, or Lifetime Customer Value.

When I look at some of the marketers I have been following since 2009, I have invested thousands into their trainings, software, support and more to grow my business from nothing to thousands of subscribers.

This is just working part time.

I want you to have the same for your list as well, though it might not come easy there are ways to speed up the process and that is by learning all the time.

Never stop learning and remember there is ALWAYS someone else out there who is smarter than you who you can gain more information from.

You see, right there was the basis for my biggest mistake yet.  As an educated person, I have a Masters Degree in Education, I started out my journey in the home business field trying to learn everything myself…basically re-creating the wheel.

In the mean time as I was learning, I was not earning…I was only gaining massive knowledge (which of course has since paid off) but not taking action.

Then I started to act on everything I learned.  Something’s of course were implemented more than others as I found some methods easier than others.

Building my list was one of the main goals in this process and it should be for you as well.  It will not come easy, though there are ways to lighten the process and have a package all in one place to make this happen.

Take action before 2013 ends and get your first lead…or your 101st for that matter with the right education, tools and support here

>> Tools to leverage your time! http://TheDavidGardner.com/Leverage

I have been using this tool since I first started my business to be able to keep in touch with my subscribers and have found it extremely valuable in regards to cost.

If I told you that you could build a subscriber list up to 20,000 people for $50 a month and email them as many times as you wanted, this would be considered a low cost and tax deductible as well (if you live in a country where this is required!).

What if I told you, that you can also get other tools and training like this…and not spend $50?

* Live webinar/conference room software for up to 100 attendees

* Twice weekly live webinars in training on how to use the autoresponder and webinar room and how to market your business from people like Russell Brunson, Daegan Smith and others

* An authority blog which is totally customizable and hosted for you…ready to go within seconds to joining.

* Video email…get your customers to know you a little better!

* Templates for lead generation and much, much more!

Guess what….It cost less than $25 bucks a month for all of this!

I know…crazy right!

Like my own experience, you will never grow until you got the education, tools and support AND Take action on what you learn.

The other cool thing I have to share is that there is a way you can earn 100% commissions on all those tools as well!

Now that is something special and has been paying for the tools themselves for me since shortly after I started promoting them.

Yeah, you can be a reseller and earn commissions, pass-ups and matching bonuses which just makes sense!

You are not forced into doing this, but you could be missing out on some great bonuses for life if you do not…All part of the learning process.

It just makes sense and it should to you!

Grab your tools to leverage your business here: http://TheDavidGardner.com/Leverage

You will be happy with your decision and I will be there to help you out as well!

Dave Gardner

PS When you join, be sure to watch the short videos as well as the one from me giving you a quick introduction to the tools and software.  Have any questions, feel free to hit me up with an email and/or contact support as well…they are truly awesome and often get back to you within the day.

Pure Leverage marketing tools suite honest review

Pure Leverage marketing tools suite honest review

When I first heard that Joel Therien, the CEO of GVO was building another marketing platform I was intrigued to find out more.


Pure Leverage Marketing Tools Suite

Pure Leverage Marketing Tools Suite

I had already been a member of GVO for almost four years with their titanium account which included unlimited hosting, video hosting, a small webinar conference platform, subscriber base through autoresponder (up to 20,000 members), live training, templates, opt in forms, competition witness and much more for about $45 USD a month, which I was happy to pay for considering the alternative and having to pay multiple companies instead of just one.


There was also a recruiting platform or partner program where I could earn 50% commission on the first month of anyone who used the services through my link as well as a recurring 5% on all following months, or potentially (50% shared through 10 levels of a downline where each level got 5%).  The 50% on month one was great, but the 5% on the back end was almost nothing and many people felt that there was too much to access and they did not need such a large package.


They next came out with the Host Then Profits Platform which had a micro view of the Titanium account and only cost about $10 a month and included hosting for 4 sites, autoresponder to 500 subscribers, video hosting for a limited amount, small conference room and live trainings, but again the commisisons were the same at 50% of the front end and 5% up ten levels (50% total assuming you had those levels, otherwise GVO would get the lions share, which they also shared with leaders each month as bonuses)


More people came aboard GVO as it was now reachable, but still had a somewhat weak recurring income stream.


That has all changed with the inception of Pure Leverage.  The basic platform is $25 a month and includes Autoresponder for up to 10,000 subscribers, video email (to allow your clients to get to know you on a more personal level even faster), live webinar conference room for up to 100 attendees, live training and an authority blog and more.   This is midline between the original GVO Titanium as well as Host Then Profits, but also includes the main features of their sister platforms at GVO Conference and Meet Cheap, which are both webinar platforms ranging from $10-$100 a month or more depending on seating capacity.


The main upsell to Pure Leverage is a $97/month mastery training course featuring weekly live webinars and trainings, plus access to all the recordings, a mastermind forum and PLR products to use with Royalty free images as well as sound clips to add into your business plans.  Other commissionable products are in the pipeline.


The commission structure in the Pure Leverage platform is a million times better and benefits those who take action and upgrade to the top level and also requires that people own the products as well.  In month one, you get a 100% commission, not a 50% like in the original GVO plans.  On the recurring months as long as a downline member stays active, you will gain a 50% commission AND a 50% matching check to anyone in your dowline that has commissions as well.

In order to take action on these, you need to own the products AND have a monthly reseller license which is about $20 a month or $200 for the year (buy 10 months and get 2 free!) otherwise any commissions you might bring in will automatically pass up to your upline and you will lose that commission FOREVER…even if you upgrade later on, you will not see those commissions from that specific downline member ever.  If you later upgrade, any new members you bring in will qualify you to receive commissions on their monthly fees however.


The incentive is there to become a reseller and Pure Leverage VIP member


Some example of how this commission flow could be like this assuming you have both products ($25 platform and $97 upgraded VIP status with $20 reseller license for a total around $142 a month) is as follows:


Example 1) Let’s say you have 10 downline members who each have the basic membership.  On month one you would earn about $250 in commissions and then $125 each consecutive month (or more if any upgraded)


Example 2) Lets say one of those members above recruited well and also brought in 10 paying members.  You would not earn any of their commissions on month one, but in month two and beyond is where it really become great and your income potential has the ability to grow exponentially.  In month two, not only would you be getting the $125 we mentioned above from your own direct line, you would also be getting an additional 50% of their $125, or about $63 as a matching check bonus…If all 10 members has a similar case, you would end up with $630 dollars in matching check bonuses.


Example 3) Some people will not upgrade to the reseller license, or will not upgrade to the VIP membership and will just use the services, but if they have people brought in under them in their downline, their commissions for these products will pass up to you, or the next person in line who does have the upgraded account.  Lets say that from our downline level one member above who brought in 10 people that one of them became a VIP, the $97 month one commission would pass them and go to you, with a $49 residual coming on the following months as long as they stayed a member.


In my first two weeks I saw a commissions tally of almost $300, which assuming these members stay in and complete the month and have the payment processed, totally covers my orginal fees of the $25 basic platform, $97 VIP and $20 Reseller license ($142 total) and puts me in the Black or a net positive…This same group in future months would result in about about half of that of course, or around $150 which still covers my original fees and has me breaking even, which really is the main idea in the beginning.  If you can break even in your advertising and marketing, you really have started to win the game.


When you continue to market and bring more people into the platform, this is where the fun begins and the potential income develops, though it is all dependent upon work ethic.  I have built this with a very small subscriber base up to this point as well as solo ad purchases targeted to the home business opportunity marketplace.


Pros and Cons of Pure Leverage:  GVO and Joel Therien have done a wonderful job bringing in both current members into the new platform as well as providing valuable recruiting tools so that in the first 10 days alone, over 20,000 members registered and almost ¾ of a million dollars in commissions was been logged.  With this comes some pros and cons



1)      The products inside the platform are integral to a marketer and are continually being upgraded based on customer recommendation and suggestions

2)      The price is reachable by all levels or marketers, new or veterans

3)      The compensation package is awesome

4)      The support from Joel and the Pure Leverage community is top notch



1)      Not everything was up and ready to use upon launch.  They made some upgrades and complete templates as request come in

2)      Currently the sales video focuses only on the opportunity and tools, but not on the idea of passing this platform on to local businesses, stores etc, to use as their own individual lead generation and subscriber base platform.  Most likely they will not want to promote the downline capabilities, but want to be able to use the email services and webinar platforms.

3)      As thousands of members are joining each month, the online and technical support system, including the live chat support had times where it was logged down, though this should be somewhat expected and people need to have some patience on this end.

4)      While many can afford the basic $25 membership each month, the $97 might be out of reach for many which can cause them to lose valuable commissions down the road


Coming Soon:

1)      The authority blog will be launched soon within the platform and will allow you to be able to write a blog post a couple times a week to build your status online and also provide all of the content necessary to promote the Pure Leverage Platform itself.

2)      The email autoresponder may continue to be modified to compare to services like Aweber and iContact with features like sending to re-opens and more.

3)      More weekly training, tips, strategies and more

4)      Lead generation advertising co-ops, where instead of investing a lot of money to get one ad, you can spend a fraction of that to develop some traffic to your site, which could develop into some leads.  When your business grows, you can scale up from here and start buying the full ads yourself and send the clicks mainly to your affiliate link instead of being shared in a rotator with others who have gone in on the co-op in the first place.

5)      Contest and bonuses for those who continue to grow and bring in new clients.


Overall I hope you feel I have provided you with an honest review of Pure Leverage Marketing Platform and it is my highest recommendation that you give Pure Leverage and Joel Therien a try.  I would love to have you on my team and help you grow



FREE Advertising to your Affiliate Link when you join my team:  Yes, I will share the love with you and promote your link…it is a win-win-win situation.

You win because you get some leads and potential direct referral from my traffic and can earn 100% commissions.

I win because after month one I will start to get a 50% residual match and keep you wanting to stay with Pure Leverage

They win: Your customers win because they get some killer products to use in their business and promote to others as well.

Like I said, it is a win-win-win situation.


Just go over and check out the Pure Leverage video here to find out more and see what else is in store.



Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know if you thought this was not an honest review of Pure Leverage Marketing Platform, or if you have questions about Pure Leverage and becoming a team member today!


The Praying Mantis of Marketing

As I was pumping gas on our way back home from vacation the other day, my daughter asked my wife as they were heading into the restroom “what’s that?”

My wife replied…”some type of moth”

She must not have been paying attention to the real thing in the view which I caught when I was done pumping.

A nice praying mantis….

If you know anything about these predators, not only are they fierce hunters, but also are ready to kill their mates when they are done doing the deed (I hope you can read between the lines there)

In other words, they are all nice and get what they want in order to grow their population, but once they know they have what they want, they go in for the kill and destroy the absolute item that helped them be able to spread in the first place.

Imagine if you did that in business?

Got someone to help you grow your business, then you just destroyed them, so you could never get any assistance again for the rest of your life.

That would not only be the death of them, but of you as well.

You always need to be finding other people who are smarter and better prepared than you so that you can continue to grow and build your brand or your business.

There is no destruction here, only growth.

I continue my education every day to always help you out and help me learn more as well (which I love to share and give you ideas about as well)

Recently (if you have been on my email list for a while now) you know I had been highly promoting the Elite Marketing Pro membership from the boys at Magnetic Sponsoring

I still highly suggest checking that out, which you can here: Elite Marketing Pro

That is not my main focus today though….though feel free to check it out when you have a second.

Anywhere you can get high quality courses/education AND 100% commissions is something to take at least one look at.

The real scope of today is to let you know I am ready to rock the rest of 2013 with you…We are almost 2/3 of the way through the year and I am ready to make the last 1/3 freaking awesome.

For starters, we want to talk about multiple streams.

Unless you are a superstar, you will most likely need to promote a couple different products and have the means to do so in order to get continual commissions…

…but you do not always want the one and done kind.

I am not saying that a nice one time commission is or could be bad…but you want RESIDUALS!

That is where the 20 Minute Payday comes in!

We are talking residuals in 3 streams, month after month.

We are talking the training

We are talking the tools

We are talking the traffic!

This is a powerful combination of three main facets of marketing and they are all available inside the 20 Minute Payday.

I have also talked about GVO and Pure Leverage many times as well over the last years and they are just one of the streams inside.

The reason you are reading this email is because of the autoresponder that is included in the Pure Leverage (GVO) system.

If you want to be able to stay in touch with your customers you have to have this in your business.


Head on over now to see the other two streams and hit me up with any questions you might have!

If you are already in the Pure Leverage, that is cool as you can still benefit from the 20 Minute payday and its other streams.

If you are already in 20  minute Payday…make sure you are taking action on what you learn from the training videos.

Remember, I am not going to destroy you like the praying mantis…instead I am here to continually help you grow.

Hit me up with any questions you might have about it! here is that link again: http://TheDavidGardner.com/3Streams

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