The Power of Association with Pure Leverage Live Events

This past weekend I had the pleasure to make my way to the First Pure Leverage live event, “Freedom Live 2013”

Pure Leverage Freedom Live 2013

I just attended the 2013 Pure Leverage Freedom Live

This event was the first of its kind by the GVO family of tools who started Pure Leverage marketing tool suite back in March 2013 with tools like autoresponders, video email, webinar conference room, video hosting, authority blog and much more.

This company has close to 80,000 clients and I was honored to be just one of the roughly 330 people in attendance for their first live event.  Talk about an intimate setting where I was able to bump elbow with some of the top marketers in the world and pick their brains a little….

This was just a portion of the reason why I was happy to be able to go.  As Mark Call stressed, it really is about “The power of association” with Pure Leverage live events.  This is where the relationships and associations are truly grown in to amazing partnerships and more importantly, friendships.

Even though Pure Leverage has provided some of the best marketing tools you need to run an online business, it really is “not always the tools and services as much as it is about the relationships and associations you belong to”, says Mark Call.  He also stressed in our opening ceremony how it is not always about the profit, but what you can do with it.

It is all about making a difference.  The success will follow when you make a difference.

He has always stressed the idea about being one mind-shift away from success and greatness in what you set out to achieve and he brought another gem into today’s session in that when you change your associations, you change your life.

If you are ready to make changes in your life and want to get yourself branded, you need the right tools, like Pure Leverage has to offer.

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