Perfection Creates Procrastination

Pure Leverage CEO Joel Therien said it best himself at the beginning of the Pure Leverage Freedom Live event in Las Vegas: “Perfection Creates Procrastination”

Joel Therien thinks that Perfection Creates Procrastination

Joel Therien thinks that Perfection Creates Procrastination

We need to realize that we are all imperfect human beings and that if we strive to be perfect, especially in the process of building our businesses, we will never make any progress at all.

I have always lived on the mantra picked up by Bob “The Teacher” Jenkins, in TARL, or Take Action Revise Later and this has helped me win prizes such as ipads from Omar Martin, strategy sessions from Daegan Smith and even a trip to Kenya with Russell Brunson.

Yeah, all because I took action while others did not for some reason or another.

The thing you have to need to understand though it that I might have screwed up along the way and possibly had a do a video a few times if it was a live take…heck just the other day I was revamping my lead capture video for a book I published with my mastermind group and did the first video at least 31 times before I was able to feel comfortable with how it came out.

I am sure there are still errors in it, but I am going to get it out there and can improve it later on.

This might put me out of my comfort zone, but nowhere near a panic zone as I am in the learning zone in the process, figuring out what works and sounds good, as well as what doesn’t and sounds bad.

You need to forget about being perfect and forget about being comfortable all the time.  Even the well known marketers make mistakes (which are often many thousands of dollars more than the mistakes we make so keep it in perspective!)

Be confident and take action and it will keep getting easier and you will get more comfortable in the process, which will then allow you to try even more things to continue to grow your business.

If you keep trying to be perfect though and deleting all of your videos and posts until you think they look divine, you will never see the growth that others may view had you put up everything!

So go ahead and take action now, make your 1st or 101st video and load it up to Youtube and your blog and share the heck out of it and let people know what you are made of!

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