$127 Chocolate Vomit

$127 Chocolate Vomit: A Gertrude Hawk Disaster

Last night was quite an interesting experience.

Right when I got home, my oldest daughter told
me the dog threw up all over the rug.

Of course, they go on the rug instead of the
wood floor or tile.

So after cleaning up and getting settled, my
youngest daughter comes into my office and
said, they one of the dogs threw up again.

You guessed it…on a totally different rug!

This time, I took a closer look and noticed that
it seemed to look different from their normal
dog food and instead like popcorn and pretzel.

Chocolate covered pretzels to be precise as that
is also what it smelled like too.

About a month ago, my oldest was doing
a fundraiser for school and selling Gertrude
Hawk Chocolates.

Now these are not cheap chocolates and she
ended up selling about 10 varieties and it
ended up costing about $127 for the lot.

Well last night I was wiping it from the floor
over and over and over again.

The UPS delivery person apparently left the
package right outside out door…full of food.

Not that they do not know we have dogs, these
guys deliver to us all the time and will often
bring dog treats to be able to make it to
the door to leave the package.

This time though the dogs got the best of it as
you can see in the pictures, though when
all was said and done, I think Gertrude Hawk
got the best of them!

Not only did they keep throwing up for about
5 hours straight, but one of the dogs decided
(who after not throwing up for about 4 hours)
that indeed he was still sick and vomitted all
over our bed comforter.

So at 1:30 this morning, I was doing laundry
and making the bed and locking dogs in any
area I could that only had a flat, smooth and
non absorbing surface.

Needless to say, I am not a big fan of dogs
and this really put me over the edge for sure.

The good news, at least for my kids and wife
is that the dogs seemed to be doing well this
morning as excess chocolate can have some
very devastating effects on animals.

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Dave Gardner

PS Please leave your thoughts below if you have
ever had a dog and chocolate encounter like this!