Earth Day Marketing

Happy Earth Day!

I am saving some major resources by
sending you this email message instead
of writing a letter!

No trees cut down for paper
No vehicles using gas to transport the letter
No residues from the glue and stamps
No inks from the pens or printing
No graphite to dig up to write the note

I do understand there is some environmental
cost with electricity and recharging batteries,
though the impact should be much less.

Compound this by thousands when you send
many emails each day for years to a growing
subscriber list and we really are saving some

Just a small part I can play in keeping our
Earth in better shape.

That is one of the perks of running a business
online in that you can be environmentally
conscious while trying to expand at the same

I am not saying that direct mailings are not
important as I also use them for certain
campaigns, however on a day to day basis
the money saved is immense, and continues
to grow as the Post office continues to increase
there stamp costs annually.

Guess, what, my email autoresponder and other
tools are a flat rate of just $25 a month.

If I was to send letters, I could only send about 54
letters out each month (just the stamp price at
USD $0.46 a piece and does not include the cost
of the envelope, paper, printing ink etc.)

As I continue to grow my list, my expenses should
get bigger, though I am locked into a $25 a month
rate for up to 10,000 subscribers.

You can be too here:

Now I want to let the cat out of the bag…for
something that is coming out later this week.

For just $10 a month, you will soon be able to
get your hands on the tools to build a list up
to 2,000 susbcribers.

Now if you could get FIVE times as many
subscribers you might expect to pay $50
a month then right?

Well, what if I told you that you could also
get the following:

* Webinar conference software for 100 attendees
* Video email software
* Video Hosting
* A blog to set up as you wish
* Live weekly training and much more

…Would you believe me this is just the same
price I mentioned that I pay above at $25!

You can get in now with the full package
for a really low price and test them out for
just $1 now here:

If you want to really step it up a notch
and be able to share the tools just grab
the reseller license as well and earn 100%
commission on the first month and 50%
commissions on residual months

All while doing your part to save the earth
at the same time!

Make it count today!

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