Why you should track your affiliate links and how to do it

Just curious this evening after I made a video about tracking

for the Magnetic Sponsoring courses:




I am as guilty as many marketers out there in that I have

often taken the easy and quick route when it comes to

sending an email or affiliate link out the you or in the

social media world.


The quick way would be using the same link over and over

again which does not really help in tracking.


The question is why would you want to do this?


Lets say for example, you have links set out in many

places…Facebook, Google Plus, Youtube, etc.


You start getting leads, which of course is super cool

and keeps you totally motivated in continuing your

efforts online.


You might not know where they are coming from

though which is not really the wisest things to do

in getting you to have the best ROI (return on



If you knew where your clicks and leads were coming

from this would totally make it easier to decide where

to spend your money or to buy your traffic from if you

were doing solo ads (paid advertising)


Many programs offer this option where you can add

a tracking link to your affiliate link, so that you know

exactly where it was that someone clicked on your link.


For example, I have been promoting both the Elite Marketing

Pro membership from Magnetic Sponsoring as well

as the 20 Minute Payday (and the 3 streams inside them)

over the past couple weeks and I wanted to know for sure

how many leads I got from each campaign.


I know which ad brought in how many clicks and how many

subscribers….Thus when all is said and done, I can determine

my ROI and determine when/if I want to use this solo ad

provider again.


The thing to keep in mind though if your cost per lead is not

what you had anticipated (and is higher)


*Your solo ad subject might suck so no one opens your email

*Your solo ad copy might suck, thus no one clicks your link

*The offer you are presenting might not fit the database desire

*Your link might not even be going to the right place and you have

wasted a solo ad!

*All your clicks and leads might not come in within 24 hours.  Have

you ever read an email about a week later…You know what I mean

I would think here.


All in all it pays to track and I know I need to do it more as well,

and also wanted to let you know of an easy Plugin to use for your

WordPress Blogs called Pretty Link lite which allows you to track

your links and make them look “pretty” instead of looking full of

odd characters.


For example, with the Elite Marketing Pro launch, which one looks

more appealling:


A) http://Barefootpainting.EliteMarketingPro.com


B) http://TheDavidGardner.com/Elite


Hopefully you chose the latter of the two as it looks smoother, especially

if you have a tracking link added which could make choise “A” above

even longer, like this:




Now when you are sending an email like I am here, this does not

look clean and blatantly shouts out promo, which might turn

some folks off.


The better you make it look, the higher the chance of someone

clicking on it.


I made a video on using Pretty Link lite a while ago and wanted to

again share it with you as an easy way to make your links look

better in your emails, blog posts, social media blasts and wherever

you are going to put your links




Any way you look at it, knowing where your leads are coming

from is going to benefit you more than you can ever imagine

if you have not done it yet.


If you have any questions, just send me an email, or reply

at either one of my videos mentioned here.


To your tracking growth!


Dave Gardner

PS Here is an ugly link for you to check out and an awesome

company I have promoted and used since 2009:




PPS I can use this in a couple places and totally find out

where my links are coming from…I will know which came

from my email AND can also place a similar link on

my blog to know if there came from there instead!


PPPS As you are seeing this on my blog and can click

on the link here instead and it will show up as a

separate statistic in my back office and then I know

which one worked better!

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