Onyalist lead capture generator can make capture pages for any niche

Onyalist lead capture generator can make capture pages for any niche

I have recently been having a blast using the Onyalist lead cpature generator software because it really is plain easy to use and yo ucan put a page together for ANY niche in a matter of minutes.

I just created one for the lacrosse niche which you can see based on the image shown.  Though I love all aspects of marketing, I am also passionate about the game of lacrosse, having played it for more than 30 years and having coached it for close to 20 years.

Regardless of your passions, you most likely have information and knowledge inside of your head that many other people around the world are looking to benefit from.  You can, as they say, “Profit from your passion”.

You should almost feel obligated to share your information with others.  Otherwise it is as though you are witholding the neccessary material that could make all the differerence in someone else’s life.

You can get your own Onyalist lead capture page generator here:


Note 1: You do NOT need to have an autoresponder for this service as it actually captures the name and email as well as IP address of those opting into your page.  You can also set up to capture the phone number and while this is often looked upon as a deterent to get people to sign up, it can also benefit you with a more targeted group of leads…people who really want to find out more.

Note 2: I would suggest getting your own autoresponder so that your email follow up is automatc and you do not need to keep logging into Onyalist and copying new emails and leads into your email and then trying to remember who is on day one of your follow up email series, who is on day two, three, four etc.  I would recommend using the GVO and Pure Leverage systems and have used them myself since 2009.  You can find out more about GVO/PL at http://TheDavidGardner.com/Leverage

As it is often said, the money is in the list and the money is in the followup…Onyalist and GVO/Pure Leverage have made that even easier.

Now you just need to take action and make it happen.  Be sure to leave a comment if you have any questions, thoughts or suggestions!

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