Be determined in your business to see success

My wife dragged me to the gym today for a quick workout…

Which is a good thing because the internet lifestyle cab be awesome, but can wreak havoc on your wasitline and posture as you could be spending hours on your computer.

Anyways, after I did a few laps on the track and a couple miles on the bike, I headed in for a little free weight upper body workout.

When I go in there, I saw a women with a broken ankle and hopping around on crutches so she could go between exercises.

Now that is what I call determined!

If she can do this, then there should be no excuse for you to to sit idle and not take action just because you might not feel as though you are in the best “shape” when it comes to you marketing knowledge.

Remember, we all start at the bottom and grow over time.

When you align yourself with the right people, or in the case of a workout, have a spotter to help you out, you will see those improvements much faster.

Whether a work out partner or a business partner, you will see that having someone else to push you when you most need it will make your growth even better and faster, than if you were to do it all your own.

It’s time to get in the game and get your marketing self in shape.

Come see how we are working out here:

You have to have your mind in the game as much as your body and this will totally put you in the right space.

I’ll see you on the “inner” side…sorry, could not resist!

Expect a call and a text once you get in the Inner Circle!

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Black Friday and the DRIPS

Wow, if that doesn't dound like the name of a death metal band
I am not sure what would!

"Black Friday and the Drips"
The Downline Re Investment Plan

The Downline Re Investment Plan

Yes, today is Black Friday, what is known as the day that businesses
get out of the RED (debt) and into the BLACK (profit) with their
growth for the calendar year in business.

Some businesses make more money in these last few weeks of th
year than they do ALL year long, ending up on top.

There are some businesses though that have been rocking it since
the beginning and have continued to grow their brand AND the profits
of their members and that is where I want to focus our efforts here

So the question might arise as to what the heck is meant by 
the "Drips", now that we have already discussed what Black Friday 
is... the way, my wife and I went out last night at around 5:30 PM to
Walmart to get in some early shopping as Black Friday has now seemed
to become Black Thursday...and it was like a traffic jam inside with
hundreds of carts and people bumping into each other.

Anyways, back to the "Drips"!

If you know anything about investing, when your stocks and funds grow
they end up creating dividends that are earned and put back into your
account.  Thus when the company does well, they put some of THEIR
profits back into YOUR account.

Sounds like a nice bonus huh...and the DRIP stands for the Dividend
Re-Investment Plan (or program if you like that 'P' word instead)

So I came up with another 'Drip" myself.

The Downline Re-Investment Plan!

You would not be reading this if you were not vested into building your
profits, growing your business, working on a team to help you along
the way or many other similar ideas right!

That is why I am writing you today because it all starts new and fresh
with 5 weeks left of the year.  I want to help you end 2013 like it is
the last 5 weeks of your marketing life.  I want to help you go out with
a huge BANG!

But you gotta be with me! 

I want you to go watch a video where I talk about re investing back into you
and I have some other special offers...only mentioned in THIS message
that will provide an additional perk for you to TAKE ACTION TODAY!

You see, there are multiple levels of the team and Downline I can re-invest
for you...and the more I can, the better you will be.

Level One A DRIP: You get in with the Viral Blog System at $25 a month
I am going send you a Physical Copy of my Book, "Riding With Guru's"

Level One B DRIP:  You get in with the Affiliate License at $20 a month
I am going to put a $10 credit toward solo ad cliks to YOUR link

Level Two Drip: You get in with the Inner Circle at $100 a month
I am going to put a $50 credit toward solo ad clicks to YOUR link AND
send you a DVD with some of my Favorite Marketing Audios so that you
continue your education on the road or while you are doing your chores!
Level Three Drip: You get in with the Costa Rica Mastermind at $500 one time cost
I am going to put a $250 Credit toward solo ad clicks to YOUR link AND
Set you up with a 1 hour one on one call with me to discuss your marketing
plans and business growth
Level Four Drip: You get in with the 15 K Formula at $1000 one time cost
I am going to put a $500 credit toward solo ad clicks to YOUR link AND
Add you to my link rotator when I send my own solo ads out, thus even MORE
clicks will be going to you.
Level Five Drip: You get ALL IN and get the Masters Course at $3500 one time cost
I am going to put a $1500 credit toward solo ad clicks to YOUR link AND sending you
A copy of Daegan Smiths Email MLM Formula (Book and 8 DVD's) which is valued 
at $497 and chock full of swipe files and content to use in your marketing! 

As you can clearly see, I am just about putting my whole commission back
into YOU...We work with a pass up system so I know in the long run I 
will get it back, though I also know you need some help in the beginning
as well once you start!

Start Your DRIP Program here 

NOTE 2: The solo ads AND physical products will not be shipped out until after the 
clearace of my commissions.  I know you want to grow your business and I want
to work with people who are committed to sticking with the system.  No refunders
allowed here otherwise, the whole idea of Black Friday turns into a massive RED
disaster and my tax accountant will have my head on a platter!

It is time to treat yourself and your business like a business and invest in it.
You can also think of it as buying a gift for your Business, though remember
it should also quality for tax deduction purposes (contact an accountant to 
verify in your case)

You know you want to you just need to take that step to start!
Once you get going and practice daily discipline in working on the business
and not just "in the business" you will see growth.

Come along and get your own DRIPS here! 

I look forward to setting you up with some heavy click traffic and building YOUR
business these last 5 weeks of the year and for years to come after that as well!

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions by replying to this email.

Let the fun begin!

Dave Gardner 

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