GVO Pure Leverage versus Host Then Profits

GVO Pure Leverage versus Host Then Profits

Pure Leverage versus Host Then Profits

We are left with a little more than 2 full days in July
and then is it 5 months left in the year!

Can you believe how fast it truly is going?

Are you satsified with how it has gone thus far?

If so, great…If not, you still have plenty of time
to take action, but you do have to implement what
we share with you to make it work.

The past few emails I have focused on inviting you to
our rapidly growing Facebook group


This group is now over 36,000 members AND has close
to 1000 who have actually made some mon.ee on the
tools as well which you can try for fre/e for 7 days here


If not now, when will you start to take action?

Of Instant Income System, the new GVO Facebook Integrated lead generation system
which expires at midnight EST July 31, 2014.

Turn images on to see the animation

Just yesterday I spent some time with a woman I work
with who is getting her business online and building her
own list (which is one of the most important things you
can do to be successful) and was showing her the tools
you will gain access to which include but are not limited
to the following:

*Autoresponder for building a list up to 10,000 subscribers
*Webinar room for up to 100 attendees for live events
*Video email
*Hosted blog that is fully editable
*Twice weekly live training sessions
*and much more

Now to be honest with you she realized that this was way
to many features to what she really wanted to do this
time around so I also shared with here the smaller option
which only cost $10 and does much of what Pure Leverage
does, but on the small scale.

For example:

*Autoresponder for up to 500 subscribers
*Webinar room for up to 5 attendees
*Hosting for up to 4 blogs or websites
*Weekly live training and more

If you want to start small and later work your way up
you can take action instead with this link compared
to the top link.


Here is an overview video I did a while ago that compares
both Pure Leverage and Host Then Profits which might
help answer more of your questions:

The major thing here is that you take some action
and as I told my friend, it is not about taking the
first step, but jumping into your new challenge
and growth methods.

Here is a no-opt in required PDF I put together
which will help with the smaller starter package
and can also help with the Pure Leverage option
as well.


Doesn’t matter if it is bad or good, you can
always tweak it later, but make something
right now.

I look forward to helping you anyway I can.

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