Sleepover birthday parties and marketing makes sense


..16 pre-tweens at my house last night for a double birthday

party for my now 12 and 9 year old daughters.


Wow, talk about a lot of energy, screaming, excitement, dancing

and frosting all over the place…Yeah they were making graham

cracker “ginger bread” houses and it was quite interesting to

say the least.


If you have not reached out to me on Facebook, you can see the

images on my page here:


The night before, my wife had women over for a jewelry party

so there was more adult food of course there as well…it has been

crazy in the house over the last couple days to say the least.


Today it is off for a date with my wife, then back to friends for

a football game, pizza and some needed beers!


Everywhere I look though I see the same thing.  Available

opportunities with marketing…Now I am not going to be, nor

was I the past couple nights slamming my marketing at them,

but what I mean is there are marketing opportunites



It does not really matter what you have interest in…you can

market anything!  You can also easily blog about anything and I

wanted to remind you of my offer from the other day in helping

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Here is that blog post again in how I am going to help you out

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NOTE: These must be new accounts.  I am unable to honar your

existing account with another upline sponsor as I would not make

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This is strictly for new accounts and members who sign up through

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I like to do things the right way so I hope you can understand that.


The key fact is that you really need to start building YOUR brand

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Let’s do this!


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I am here for you and ready to give you as much assistance as I

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Dave Gardner

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