Trees getting knocked down should motivate you in your business

How a tree getting knocked down should kick your action into gear

So when I returned after running to the bank to my daughters lacrosse practice, this is what I found at the school: (no one was hurt and it apparently happened the previous afternoon!)

Mayhem at Lacrosse Practice

Now before I go into detail and it is also mentioned in the video, but no one was hurt in this tree damage that was shown at my daughters lacrosse practice in Camillus, NY on July 14, 2014.

If you have ever seen the Mayhem Allstate insurance commercials where you really need to make sure you are prepared in many aspects of life in order to be ready when times come that might not be so comfortable.

Whether you are working or a business online or have a store, you want to make sure you are knowledgeable in that field so that you can be considered the expert there and the clients trust you with your recommendations and act on them, which usually equates to more sales and referrals down the road.

Education is the key to increasing your knowledge.  This can be done many ways which include but are not limited to:

  • Books
  • Courses
  • Videos on Youtube
  • Live events
  • Mastermind groups

Attending, taking notes and learning is just a piece of the puzzle though as you also need to act upon it by sharing what you know (and continue to master) with others who also need to know the information or can benefit from it as well.

Action is the key!

If you do not take action, you will never see results.  That is the absolute 100% guarantee that I can provide you and the only one I can provide.  If you take action you might have connections that make your business take off like a rocket, or you might have a slower growth and that is why you have to consider your business like a marathon, instead of a sprint and be in it for the long haul.

Come take action with me now and align yourself with the right tools and training that Pure Leverage and the newly launched Instant Income System using Facbeook lead generation provide to get you moving in the right direction.

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What’s Your Association?

You might have also heard that it is your association that will help grow your business and who you are hanging out with that will determine your success.  If you are hanging with people who complain all the time and have a poor mindset and never improve their skill set, you are going to be less likely to show growth than if you were hanging out with people who are working to make their lives and the lives of others that much better.

People who are taking action.

People who are going to events

People who help others

It is time for you to be one of THOSE people.

One who helps others, takes action, and gets out to meet with people and share their ideas.

Do it now here:

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I look forward to getting you moving on your road to success!

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