Take the focus off yourself and help others with Mark Call

Take the focus off yourself and help others with Mark Call

When Mark Call first got up on stage at the Pure Leverage Freedom Live event in September 2013 he had one main idea to share with us:

“Take the focus off yourself and help others…and the money will follow”

Mark and Dina Call at Pure Leverage Live

Mark and Dina Call at Pure Leverage Live

He shared a story where one of his former upline sponsors kept hanging the phone up on him when he tried to share his excitement about recruiting someone, where he knew he was going to make some money.

You see, it is now always about what is in it for you and how much you can make in the online business field or in a particular opportunity.  Instead it is all about what you can do to help others achieve this.

Mark Call stressed that you need to be excited because “your downline is going to make money…not just you”

You know as well as I do, that this in turn may lead to your financial growth in the long run anyways, so it benefits you to keep helping others and train them to reciprocate the same way when they build their downline.

It is all about meeting the needs of others and providing a means to solve their problem.  When they see that you are invested in their success and not just your own success, that is where the magic really happens.

So go be excited for your list and get helping them today with the right tools that they need to run an online or offline business.  I highly recommend the Pure Leverage suite of tools which you can look in to here: http://TheDavidGardner.com/Leverage

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