Bryan Tracy No Excuses and Napolean Hill Think and Grow Rich

Bryan Tracy No Excuses and Napolean Hill Think and Grow Rich

Readers and Leaders and Leaders are Readers!

Whether you are physically reading a book or listening to the audio version, you are basically getting the same content, though you might learn better through one medium compared to others and that is where the library can come in extremely handy sometimes.

I have been listening to all sorts of audios in my car from marketing, to business, to self help and positive thinking for a few years now and it has helped to put the correct mindset in my thoughts and has given me some awesome ideas over the last couple years that I am still taking action on to this day and will continue to do so as well through time.

In this video I share that I recently finished Napolean Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and then popped in Bryan Tracy’s “No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline; 21 Ways to Achieve Lasting Happiness and Success” 

Every day you want to be taking some sort of action in your business and I was was very amused in the beginning of Bryan Tracy’s series as he talked about the idea of going to “someday Isle”, a mythical place that too many people visit and spend their time at.  This of course is because, someday isle, or more appropriately “Someday I will” does not really ever happen.

I have yet to see a calendar with “someday” on it.  You need to make today the day you take action.  Even small steps today will result in large growth over time.  You can hear that clip that amused me here:

It is time to make today your someday and take action by taking what you learned and share it with others so that they may benefit from it as well.

If you are on a budget, then get your butt over to the Library as this is where I picked my copies up.  See where else I also find some great marketing books for dirt cheap thanks to others who have given up on their dreams of success:

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Make it happen!

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