Building a business needs a consistent effort with Jackie Ulmer

Building a business needs a consistent effort

If you are just starting out your online or work at home business you have to understand one thing right from the beginning.

You need to keep putting in a consistent effort and have a daily plan if you want to continue to see growth and experience success.

All too often, someone comes online and looks at an opportunity and wants to be making $5000 by next week because they already quit their job.  While this can be possible, it is not too probable.

While at the Pure Leverage Freedom Live event, the first speaker to kick off out marketing education was a WAHM (Work at Home Mom) Jackie Ulmer.

Jackie Ulmer at Pure Leverage Freedom Live

Jackie Ulmer at Pure Leverage Freedom Live

She has total proof that this practice of consistent effort pays off as she has been in the industry for 14 years.

One of the main ideas that she had for us was the idea of having a daily plan of action or a daily strategy.  Unless you are working on this daily, it really is not going to turn into a business and is more likely to end up like a hobby that you dabble in now and again and really see no apparent growth with.

Task do not need to be technologically advanced and be as simple as blogging and sharing your content daily on social media networks, emailing your list (about the blog post too!) and especially list building.

The more you build your list and the more you are consistently putting in effort to interact with your family of subscribers, the better they will get to know, like and trust you and want to do what you are doing and use the tools and courses you are using as well.

As they say, the money is in the list, or the fortune is in the follow up!

This Freedom live event was not as much eye opening to me as much as it was a jab in the face.  I have been slowly building my business since 2009 online and have had some great successes, like winning a trip to Kenya with Russell Brunson, though I still needed to have a major change in how I was building.

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I have focused a lot in the past on affiliate offers and promoted for others, while not always focusing on growth of my own list.


When you hear about affiliate contest and social proof of sales statistics, you see these huge payouts in a short period of time.

That is because they had the right plan and continued to grow their list, engage that list, provide quality content to that list and felt obligated to share the right tools and courses with the list to help grow their business day in and day out.

When they sent an email, it went to hundreds of thousands possibly because they had set up their business the right way with consistent effort.

Jackie Ulmer also reminded us make sure we are out there to be found!  What she meant by this was that you really need to be sharing your content, videos, strategies and more all over the internet so people can find you.  She has built much of her business on free traffic strategies and organic traffic through being found all over the internet.

A google search for Jackie Ulmer just brought me back 586,000 results.  Now don’t you think her consistent effort has paid off here!

You need to start being consistent yourself and remember it does not have to be difficult in order to do this.  Block some time out each day if you are just starting online and take action on building your list first and always, sharing great content and syndicating it (sharing throughout the network)

If you want to find out the whole scoop on what Jackie Ulmer shared with us as well as many other marketers like Russell Brunson, Daegan Smith, Joel Peterson, Todd Gross, Mark Call, Michelle Pescosolido and many others, you need to come try out Pure Leverage and their wonderful tool suite.  They will be making the whole Freedom Live event available to purchase soon thanks to the great work of Royster productions, who filmed the whole event.

The only way you are going to see consistent growth is to continue to take continuous action and put continuous effort into your business!

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