5 Top Ways to Make Money with a Blog

Following are the top 5 ways to make money with a blog plus if you are new to blogging I provide an infographic on the best blogging platforms (mine is wordpress 🙂

5 Top Ways to Make Money with a Blog

1) Keep your family, friends, colleagues, and associates up to date with what’s happening in your life and show them how to make money by doing what you do with your Pure Leverage business.

2) Become an affiliate and get paid for advertising your business on your blog.  I give Pure Leverage’s affiliate/referral business my highest recommendation.

3) Use your blog as a “review” blog and create blog reviews of products and services that you use or that your acquaintances recommend.  By combining an affiliate offering with your reviews you can add a quick revenue stream in a short amount of time.

4) Join Pure Leverage which provides you with a blog as well as all the other money making tools you will need to run a highly profitable business.

5) Join a blogging network that promotes your blog thus allowing your content to be shared and viewed by a larger audience which will create more business for you.  All of my team members receive blog network promotion and residual traffic, that is priceless!

Now that you’ve learned 5 Top Ways to Make Money with a Blog

Here is a valuable infographic that will help you decide which blogging platform is right for you.  *Remember, I highly recommend the viral wordpress blog that come with the Pure Leverage business and tools suite, but the image below is another way that I can provide value to you:

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Mark Edward Brown

16 thoughts on “5 Top Ways to Make Money with a Blog

  1. Thanks for the great post Mark,Right now is the best time to start a blog. Google is letting it be know Content is king and what better way to give google what it one then with a blog Like Pure leverage

    • Hi Mark, it’s cool to get a visit and comment/compliment from a fellow “Baldie” and a bonafide Pure Leverage spokesman. I visited your site but it was under construction…let me know when it’s ready and I will stop by 🙂 Thanks again,

      ~Mark Edward Brown

  2. Great Article Mark. Love # 2. PL’s program is every affiliate marketer’s dream. Easy to sell products plus awesome commission payouts.

    Thanks for sharing…

  3. Hey Mark,

    Great post, love the infographic, and agree that the Pure Leverage tool suite is great, and highly recommend it.

  4. Hi Mark Edward Brown Pure leverage is just amazing I love it, really. I like your post Keep telling the truth your info graphic just rock, have done that yourself.
    Helene Martin

    • Hi Helene, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I found that blog infographic on google and it was generic which is why I wanted to share it with you to add value to the blog post. Keep me updated as to when you do your next blog post and I’ll stop by and comment for you as well.


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