The 4 Ways People Research an Online Business

Understanding the 4 ways people research an online business is important information that you must know in order to position your brand or services so that they stand out and you get new clients and customers.

If you’ve never researched an online business on the internet you probably know someone who has. The process usually goes something like this, our curiosity seeker has been thinking of starting a business of their own but does not know where to start, they have several choices available to them however, the 4 primary ways people turn to in order to get the information they need are:

1. Word of mouth – people discuss online businesses frequently in casual conversation.

2. Social Media – all of the top social media outlets advertise business opportunities.

3.Search Engine – just type in the words “how do I start an online business” and one is presented with many options.

4.Traditional Media – T.V. Radio, Newspapers and other marketing and advertising literature have been around for a long time, they are not as prevalent anymore due to more efficient methods of reaching people like the internet and word of mouth.

Now that you know the 4 ways people research online businesses, let’s delve a little deeper into the reasons why starting an online business is a good idea. It’s estimated that 60% of all online businesses are started by just one person. The rate of success increases to 80% when 2 people go into business and work together as a team or partnership. Sadly, only 30% of all businesses that start with 3 people go on to be a successful business.

The number one reason people fail with an online business within one year is because of the lack of a plan.

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How about the numbers behind the online business industry; back in 2010 sales recorded for business to consumer where at $169 Billion and business to business sales were at $3,705 Billion in sales. Estimates for 2015 are that both B2C and B2B sales will top 1.5 Trillion dollars in online sales.

The formula for setting up a successful business is relatively simple however, operating and profiting from the online business model is the subject of an entire series of articles all their own. The best recommendation is to start with your social media audience and your personal sphere of influence. Poll them and ask questions about what products they want to buy or what types of services they need to make their lives easier.

Once you are armed with that information set up a website and start blogging. By doing this you can feature products and do reviews on your website/blog and the traffic will come with little effort. Businesses that blog create 6 times more leads than businesses that don’t. When you combine your blogging activity with social media and word of mouth you amplify the message and reach of your effort and success is virtually guaranteed.

One way to insure your success, and one way that is not spoken of often is to team up with an online business coach. When you spend the time to research and hire the right coach, the success I spoke of in previous sentences is increased even more. I would classify a coach as the best kept secret of success in online business owner’s strategies and secrets to success.

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~Coach Mark Edward Brown

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