How To Make Money With JV Giveaways

I’ve got a great way for you to get a ton of
free marketing products and even make money
at the same time.  Of course you already know
what that way is: JV Giveaways.

You can pretty much get almost any marketing product
with master resale rights simply by joining
JV Giveaways and getting on other marketers’s lists.

But the real way to use JV Giveaways is by becoming
a contributor or JV Partner.  By doing this you
will not only build your list but you can also
bring in some nice commissions.

In order to become a contributor, you have to commit
to promoting the event as well as provide a gift.

This can be anything you have rights to or have created
like an e-Book, software, graphical headers, or private
label artices, etc… basically anything that will benefit
the members who join the giveaway.

When you and other contributors promote the event, you bring
in new members (who want the gifts) who end up signing up
to your list and other conributors’ lists.  That’s leverage.

So to get people on your list, you will need a
squeeze page that people see via the giveaway.
An oto to show them once they optin to bring in
extra cash.  And a download page for them to access
the gift you are giving away.

Most of the JV giveawaways also allow you to show
your own offers to people logging into the event.
To make this happen you will need to be an upgraded
member, which usually only runs between $5-$27 or so.

You can make your offer either a product you created
or a PLR or Master Resell Rights product you have rights
to.  Again, this is just another way to bring in extra
cash.  This being said, make sure to uprade when you
join to be a contributor.  This is the only way to go.

If you setup your gift and oto right and then
setup your offer on the giveaway, there is really
no way you can’t make money unless you just upgrade
and never promote the event.  So make sure you
actively participate in these events and always
upgrade.  You’ll make sales and build your list
as well as get on the radar of other marketers if you
make it to the top 10 referring contributors.
Which is always a good thing!

So, go find some giveways that are active and signup as
a JV partner and go for it. The best way to get good at
using them is to jump in and start participating.

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