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Kala mining rig

Kala rig roll out info. Kala is being built on a Bitcoin fork.Want info on THE KALA RIG—- Contact Form on right with a phone number and time to call… Join Nui free now !

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  • Thanks,we want all gigahash folks comments !!

  • I am extremely happy too! I signed up with Kala giga hash 12-9-2018 .I have 327.5487925 Kala. I believe everyone should definitely take part of this on what’s going on with Kala at the end of the year of the Kala listings. Kala is peer to peer. This 2019 is going to be more exciting, fun, a blast, and get the movement and momentum going for sure! Kala is it! And #1 accessible cryptocurrency even for free member’s! What more can we ask for on this wonderful opportunity that keeps getting better and better!

  • What is Cryptocurrency and Kala?

    Cryptocurrency is a medium of exchange much like normal currencies, such as the USD. Cryptocurrency, however, is a digital or virtual form of currency in which encryption techniques that exchange digital information are used to both generate and transfer units of currency, all while operating independently of a central bank. This process, called cryptography, is used to secure the transactions and to control the creation of new coins.

    In comparison, fiat money is currency that a government has declared to be legal tender, but is not backed by a physical commodity. The value of both fiat money and cryptocurrency is derived from the relationship between supply and demand.

    There are several different types of cryptocurrencies, some being Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. These digitized currencies can be used globally as money or to make smart contracts. Cryptocurrencies fluctuate in value, similar to the stock market.

    Kala is a cryptocurrency built on a variant of the Bitcoin open-source blockchain protocol. Kala is used specifically in the Symatri ecosystem. Kala is rare in the cryptocurrency world because it resides within a complete ecosystem that includes an already established marketplace, REACH, where Kala can be redeemed (once integrated). Kala can also be mined through traditional mining rigs. Like other cryptocurrencies, the value of Kala will fluctuate, and it will be expected to trade on market exchanges.

  • Kala Hashrate program coming soon !

  • “Either bitcoin will work, and become a trillion-dollar asset, or it won’t and it will go to zero. We’re reaching that point where it will be very binary.”
    – Jack Mallers, Lightning developer and maker of crypto-wallet Zap

  • Rewards For Being The First To Mine Kala

    Billions of Kala will be created through mining in the first year alone, with a controlled supply distribution.

    Years 1-4: 9 Billion Kala (50% of Lifetime Amount)

    Years 5-8: 4.5 Billion Kala (25% of Lifetime Amount)

    Years 9-12: 2.25 Billion Kala (12.5% of Lifetime Amount)

    The distribution will continue to halve every four years

    That’s app. 6 million Kala/day through mining in the first 4 years! The number of Kala being created will be split between all the rigs actively mining Kala each day.
    *NOTE: Results are based on rig performance.

  • Do you got your ant router ? What is a Mintage modem “?

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    More importantly, what does it mean for your business?

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  • some reason my rig went inactive,hope it comes on again..updates on Kala mining review.

  • Big day mate… This a holla for Kala.. We cant wait for our Kalla wallet !!

  • Today is a day to fire up your Kala rig ! 6-29-2018 #bitcoinuniquefork

  • Hi Kala Group 1 Purchasers,

    Did you know that each Kala Rig sold is pre-configured and specifically customized for its owner? Most crypto miners who purchase a rig from Amazon or other rig providers have to configure, set-up, and gain access to a blockchain network on their own. But for Kala Rig owners, Mintage Mining has done the hard and highly technical mining steps for you by configuring and adding your specific rig(s) to Kala’s blockchain network before your rig is shipped.

    Having a Mintage Mining account ID also plays a vital role in the configuring and connecting your rig to Kala’s network. Kala Rig users will be able to track their rig progress daily through their Mintage Mining account.

    Creating a new and revolutionizing mining rig process has required additional operational time, however, we are confident that each rig will operate efficiently and effectively for our Kala miners.

    Next week, Kala Rigs will begin shipping within the U.S. and soon internationally. Once all Group 1 purchasers have received their rigs, Group 1 miners will get exclusive Kala mining access for 30 days–earning a minimum of 250,000 Kala!

  • Ready to rumble #KALAMINING

  • Kala is a unique bitcoin fork . #bitcoinunique

  • The old way of getting free, organic traffic from Google, Facebook, Instagram and others is coming to an end, and if you’re not prepared, your business could very soon be in for a disaster!

  • how much ?


  • Good fortune for all patient team members.
    If your team members are asking you questions like: “Do you think this will work? Where Is the money coming from? Why are businesses willing to pay us to be Influencers?. We are influencers ! It is a social media world !1

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