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Fun way to team coin collect has started… For this exciting info use the welcome form or call Fat Jerry … My Ping in

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  • Something HUGE is about to happen in the crypto/blockchain space. What if you, for FREE, could own your own cold storage crypto vault that *stored crypto, fiat currency, and precious metals, *was backed by a Nevada state trust bank with over $1.4 Billion in assets (non-Fed reserve), *all assets in your vault were insured by overnight Treasuries to 110% and underwritten by Lloyds of London, *exchange fees were up to 1/3 less than traditional crypto exchanges, *transactions were instantaneous, *accept credit card purchases, *includes bill pay card and ability to connect to your bank/debit card and *offline use for added protection, would that interest you? The digital vault will soon be launched. Access can be FREE.

  • Mining with my Nui mates is fun… Gigahash contract rocks!!!!!!

  • Something Extraordinary Is Happening in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and it is mining @ a Gigahash level…

  • The confusion and inconsistency is from the nature of this new Crypto beast. This is Crypto we are dealing with. We are in the most interesting times of a internet technology shift! Governments are trying to figure blockchain cryptocurrency. Companies are trying to decide how to use the technology. Symatri / Nui Social /Mintage mining are the pioneers clearing the rocks and logs out of the way to create the path. They are on the bleeding edge.. Not EZ !!!!

    Being a pioneer and expecting huge reward requires being flexible and doing things others won’t so you can have what others can’t.

  • Kala hodlers

    The Kala blockchain and network will first be built privately. In this way the network will be protected in
    the first stages when it would be most vulnerable to hijacking from competitors. Most importantly,
    Symatri can offer the greatest rewards to those who support the Kala vision. Then, when the Kala
    blockchain goes public, it will already be built on an existing strong, secure, and distributed network
    The network will be built in phases, allowing different groups to participate in a tiered private roll out that
    will end with the public. The blockchain and mining will be kept exclusively to the Kala community and
    Symatri partners until reaching a certain network hash power threshold. At that time, we will complete
    preparations to get on exchanges, finish Kala integration within the Symatri ecosystem, and continue
    taking steps to leverage further blockchain opportunities.

    Hash Power Threshold #hashpower2u

    After extensive research and consulting with experts, Kala’s Advisory Team decided to build the Kala network
    privately until reaching a 40 PH/s threshold. A 40 PH threshold (comprised of 10,000 mining rigs of 4 TH
    each) would place Kala as a very real contender in the space.
    Since the cryptocurrency arena does change rapidly, the advisory team will continue to monitor and strategize
    during the network building phases, and may choose to adjust the threshold. Those who participate early will
    still enjoy the biggest rewards, regardless of the final hash power threshold.

    Future Network Opportunities

    When the Kala network reaches a threshold 40 PH/s with 10,000 distributed, decentralized rigs, it will be one
    of the largest and strongest blockchain networks with true decentralization. Right now, it can be argued that
    large mining pools actually control the networks they mine, which can make it intimidating and difficult for
    smaller companies or cryptocurrencies to compete for mining hash power on these large blockchain networks.
    And once they do get on, there is the very real possibility that the controlling mining pools and entities could
    end up taking over them. Because of this, the demand for alternatives is growing. Our network can be
    leveraged for others to build on, which would offer many of these smaller newcomers a safer, more secure
    option. Those already in our network would be positioned to benefit from such partnerships.
    Blockchain technology is quickly becoming a revolutionary force within today’s business world, and this is just
    the beginning. Industries like banks and financial institutions, retail, health care, humanitarian initiatives, real
    estate, and more are already looking at implementing blockchain solutions. All those business applications
    need to be built on a network, and many companies would prefer to use an existing one instead of creating
    their own. It is essentially a race to build the infrastructure (the networks) for all these future applications.
    This opens incredible opportunities for us to partner with others to build their technologies on our network—
    and for our users to benefit.

    Kala just launched its Peer-To-Peer Network – CORE is now converting points to Kala starting as early as next week – Companies are joining in the completion of an entire Kala Ecosystem – WITH ONLY 6 MILLION KALA BEING CREATED DAILY, HOW LONG WILL YOU WAIT BEFORE YOU START RECEIVING YOURS?

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