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For  the current Revvcard opinion go to this Steemit.. Now ,we shall be back after the d app launch.. click Revv Card Lite

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  • Revv debit card
    How would it be to earn rewards and discounts on transactions? Introducing the revv card.
    Through cutting edge technology and strategic partnerships, r network is changing the way you transact.
    The bigger we get the better it gets. The growth of r network is driving toward the new revv card, the last card we shall ever need.

  • Fintech #fintech I live in CANADA too! When I saw the first 2 min. Revv system video, I saw nothing but Millions of people & Trillions of Dollars flowing through the system… WHY? Because it’s UNIQUE , practical, plausible, affordable, doable, brilliant & savvy. It was the disruptive technology that grabbed me… “I said to myself, Anyone can do this, successfully… IF they want to!” #IF seems to be the #magicword!
    The questions and the little things didn’t matter. This was the Golden Egg. It was the invitation I missed to the Mark Zuckerberg FIRST Facebook meeting!!!
    And after 40 years of NWM with some super successful ventures & some dismal failures… this was the FIRST EVER, “easy one!” (Good grief look at INDIA !)
    WHY? … get our 3-10+ and help others see the VISION of building the stadium, too. (and they will come!)
    Do we really plan to miss another invitation to the Mark Zuckerberg meeting? (We know that those 2/6 invited are NOW Billionaires!) Do we? For $50, but essentially FREE… IF we DO what is required?
    I’ve made my money back 10X in only 60 days just by following the system. It’s #SIMPLE
    YOU can too… BUT we MUST do the work and build our network and help them build theirs, then the #REALITY of “The Bigger WE get, the BETTER it gets” will be all over us!
    There is abundant #CASH waiting for each of us to DO.
    If we think we can do NOTHING and expect to be PAID… we are living in a DreamWorld of #NoReality
    I urge EVERY SINGLE PERSON to OPEN UP their 2020 Vision and go get your 3-10+ TODAY! Right away TODAY!!
    YOU will be so glad you did. I promise you. Congratulations rNetworkers! ✨

  • Got hyperdex ?

  • Thanks for the vision UPDATE.

  • muchos colombianos invertimos en año 2017 50 dolares por que supuestamente ivamos a hacer un trabajo de calificar encuestas y nos ivan a retribuir en dinero, hasta el momento no a pasado nada, muchos colombianos nos sentimos estafados

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