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Each week Mintage Mining goal is to choose the best cryptocurrencies to mine from the available resources. From cryptos like Bitcoin,Ethereum,Litecoin, Bitcoin ,Cash Monero ,Zcash, and Vertcoin via Mintage platform . We like this goal. The goal is to find the best opportunities in the crypto-currency mining market ..Bitcoin-mining We have joined the beta- so come back to this blog soon for our full Mintage mining review. Now to see how Mintage mining works ,please go to company site for latest info.. The mining results are on the Mintage page ! We know there is risk in mining in mining crypto coins. #majorminer #hashpower2u Always consult the pros ,..   #new update **Cost is now : $500 minimum initial purchase; $100 minimum repurchase is new minimum,..   Who can participate: All paid Nui Memberships (Member, Pro, Elite, Executive) Details: Mintage Mining offers two primary products. 1) Open-end Hardware Rentals are a first come, first serve product via renting mining hardware. We can choose the hardware and have voting rights to decide which coin to mine. 2) 3-year Hash Rate Agreements allow you to mine cryptocurrency for 156 weeks. Participants can earn bonus and override commissions on team activities with both Mintage products.** p.s Kala mining has been rolled out through Mintage mining ,.

What is all this Crypto stuff ?

Cryptocurrency is getting out on today’s financial market!!  Forbes, Fortune,  and other media outlets simply can’t stop talking about it. Many friends andfamily are now starting to talk about cryptocurrency . Why? Because it’s becoming more than a small bleep in the global market! Why crypto ?

What Cryptocurrency Offers:

  • Counterfeit Resistant Currency–Unlike Paper Money, Cryptocurrencies are Hard to Duplicate
  • Low Fees When Trading/Selling
  • Keeps Your Identity Safe–No Direct Contact with Personal Information
  • A Digital Currency–Banks and Governments Can’t Regulate or Control It (internet money)
  • Global Access to Products/Services–Where Accepted
  • Complete Ownership–All Transactions are Managed By owner
  • User Friendly–Easy Access from a Computer or Smartphone

Bitcoin values recently hit an impressive 16263.82 value (Dec 8, 2017 exchange value). That’s over an 1,000% value increase in 2017 alone!! Is it to late to get into crypto space? We cant say.  Always consult the financial experts.

                                                                     The legal status of cryptocurrencies varies  from country to country and is still undefined or changing in many of them. While some countries have explicitly allowed their use and trade, others have banned or restricted crypto. It is the wild west!

Is it time to snag some cryptocurrency!! Something to look at…  Always consult the experts. Many new Ico projects are coming in blockchain technology. Very interesting! Look for the Fat Jerry favorite crypto project KALA COIN.

What is Steemit Steem

Steemit is a blockchain social network functions a lot like Reddit, but we are in the crypto blockchain world.

Steemit pays both the content creators when their work gets upvoted, as well as the people who curate the best content on the Seemit site by upvoting others folks.

This is possible because the Steemit platform is built on top of a new kind of digital currency. (Think Bitcoin for most folks, which is another kind of digital currency that has been around for a bit .) Steem,kALA,lITECOIN and Eos to name a few.

Every day, new units of the currency are created by the network and distributed to its users, Content creators can exchange these digital currency units for crypro currency even fiat money. For folks that like to write and share content. Steemit may be for you.  My favorite post on Steemit is about the Nui Social Mintage mining crypto launch !

Symatri crypto launch Kala

The company Symatri is located in Lehi Utah. Explicación a fondo de la nueva plataforma de NUI   SYMATRI: (CORE, REACH and KALA) y todo lo que viene con NUI SOCIAL membership rocks . The offices are at (2600 W Executive Parkway, Lehi, UT 84043)

Symatri has a vision for Nui Social members Earning Cryptocurrency via Online Shopping ! Kala is the coin! The vision has expanded also into mining Kala via Mintage mining.

Symatri, LLC, announced a new consumer reward system within its powerful business-to-consumer CORE platform. Retail Rewards gives members the opportunity to earn Kala.. Symatri has its own blockchain. For more info  on crypto and blockchain is on the crypto blog .

Consumer powerhouse companies the likes of Amazon, Target, Macy’s, Kohls, Best Buy, Walmart, . It also offers members incredible deals, online discounts, and user coupons. “Symatri’s goal is to make Kala a cryptocurrency that everyday folks can use . #utilitytoken

Earn Kala with Core !!!
Nui Social members can log into Core . Core has activities like taking surveys, testing products, downloading apps, etc. Core stands for compensation on real effort. Kala can be redeemed in Reach !
Symatri’s REACH is a digital marketplace.Use Kala to shop for products and gift cards…

This aspect of Kala is very exciting to the Fat Jerry team.Our opinion only,this is much more fun than points!! Kala owners also may be able to take advantage of the fluctuations in value
of Kala ! We members can redeem it in the Reach marketplace…

What is Symatri, LLC.? Our favorite answer from company website.. Symatri connects the multi-billion- dollar Mobile Apps, Products, and Service Industry with individuals participating in social media around the world, in a simple and mutually beneficial ecosystem.

Thanks for visiting Global Mobile Social blog ! The Fat Jerry team.. Now,company info is always subject to change, please go to Symatri website for latest company updates… We are only happy opportune Nui Social members..

Why Litecoin

First, google Charlie Lee who is the founder of this crypto currency. Litecoin is digital cash for the internet. With Litecoin, folks can send money over the net directly to another person for the first time, without needing a credit card or bank. Instead of the credit card company or bank, thousands of networked computers process Litecoin transactions and verify that they are legitimate (2)

Software called wallets smartphones or computers that store your Litecoin and work with the Litecoin network to let send and receive payments. Litecoin works like Bitcoin with a private key. It’s a digital signature that the computer geeks say it can not be hacked.
Scan a QR code or copy and paste a string of letters and numbers to buy something with Litecoin. Then, with a swipe or the press of button, you can send value to anyone anywhere in the world very fast… Now is this better than Bitcoin ? All opinions welcome here.. If somebody says they know for sure what Litecoin will do in the future–please comment !

Major Miner

crypto coming in 2017 ! How about an amazing 2017 to remember? Share to all folks that see a trend4-1506052719712 !


Coin Market Cap

New folks that have an interest in cryptocurrency the Coinmarketcap com website is a great way to see the market. It gives you the market capitalization. How much is your cryptocurrency currently worth? click crypto..A special thanks and shout out to the litecoin fantic for the tip! Love the day Kala hits this site…


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